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Michelin Unveils A Versatile Tire For All Seasons

Boraie Development said that Jean-Dominique Senard, president of Michelin Group, unveiled the new tire on Monday named as, ‘Crossclimate’. Its purpose is to enable motorists to facilitate spend tire change in the offseason. “Cross Climate is a fusion of technologies tires summer and winter, previously incompatible,” says Michelin on its website. This tire is a result of four years of research and has been designed to adhere to all types of roads, whatever the season of the year, Ouest-France said. It is a little less than a winter tire and a little more than a summer tire, the “Crossclimate” is really the first tire with the “Winter certification,” boasts Michelin. With a different design and a soft rubber, grip is optimal on somewhat slippery conditions.

According to Michelin, 65% of European motorists use summer tires all the year, “compromising their safety is in cold weather, in snow and ice.” Furthermore, four out of ten motorists, change tires between seasons is a constraint, they push to the maximum. Experts say, it is really a major innovation especially for the European market as this very first tire with winter approval is a concrete illustration of Michelin presentation combining across the board performance to meet a wide range of usage.