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Parents from Rocketship Education United Academy and Other Charter Schools Attack MNPS

On March 29, Will Pinkston, a Metro Nashville Public Schools school (MNPS) board member, wrote a decisive piece about the state-of-affairs in the state’s publicly funded private schools. Mr. Pinkston based his arguments on a recently released findings on charter schools. The study showed that the successes of private schools are in no way linked to the high-quality K-12 education provided, as was previously thought.

It didn’t take long for parents to issue a scathing response to the allegations leveled against charter schools. The rebuttal by the parents came in the form of an open letter addressed to Dr. Shawn Joseph, the MNPS Director and the Metro Nashville’s Public Schools school board (MNPS). 374 parents with students enrolled in 19 public, private-funded schools signed the letter in a show of protest to the views by Will Pinkson’s editorial column.

The signatories of the petition were parents whose kids attended the following Tennessee charter schools. New Vision Academy, Valor Flagship Academy, Rocketship United, East End Prep, Explore, KIPP Nashville, Nashville Academy of Computer Science, STEM Prep, and Purpose Prep, among others.

The board’s brief open letter effectively vilified the views and opinions expressed by Will Pinkston. Accepting such sentiments, the annoyed parents added, is akin to taking away our constitutionally embedded right to choose the best-chartered schools for our children. The parent’s right to self-determination in their children’s education is a recurring theme in the carefully worded letter from the offended parents. The letter likens, the MNPS Board member, Will Pinkston to a typical modern-day divisive politician who only takes delight in partisan politics regardless of the common greatness of the citizens.

The Nashville parents ordered MNPS to desist from further attacks on the pro-choice cause. Instead of attacking the charter programs benefitting tens of thousands, MNPS ought to focus on consolidating on the incredible gains witnessed in the city’s private-public funded learning institutions.

Case Study: Rocketship United Academy

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