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Handybook Changes Game for Mobile Crowd

Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua were roommates at the Harvard Business School back in 2012 and it was there that the pair developed the idea that would change their lives. Hanrahan had already found success over in Europe thanks to his real estate business in which he bought old warehouse spaces and converted them to lofts. Now Hanrahan needed that big, new, shiny American idea — and it came to them one night sitting on the floor of their apartment. The apartment that Hanrahan and Dua shared was littered with unfinished home projects, including the construction of basic furniture. This was their moment, they would go on to establish Handybook.

Handybook, or Handy, is a simple concept at its core — as all great ideas tend to be. Handybook seeks to connect people who need a service performed with those that aim to offer said service for a certain price. Right now Handybook is clearing 10,000 completed jobs per month throughout the 13 major cities that they are operating in. Of those 10,000 jobs the majority of work completed relates to basic home cleaning services: cleaning the house, putting together furniture, helping someone re-arrange and so on. In order to keep up with the staggering 10,000 completed jobs the pair of Hanrahan and Dua have had to carefully cultivate a freelancer culture that simply works.

Obviously freelancers are trying to get involved with this huge application in order to get their work seen by as many people as possible. That still hasn’t allowed Hanrahan and Dua to let their quality standards down. Of the hundreds of thousands of different applicants that want to be freelancers only 3% of them are ever accepted. This is due to a careful screening process that prioritizes quality and customer safety/satisfaction above profit.

The app itself is so simple as to boggle the mind. You can easily scrub your way through various job requests before putting in your own: fill out the time/date of the work needed, how much you are paying, and where the job will be completed and the rest is history.