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Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

Secret Wars is Coming to Audiobook Format

Incredibly interesting news has emerged from the world of Marvel Comics. In honor of the new Secret Wars story arc, the original Secret Wars comic series from the 1980’s is being adapted in audio book format.

Producing an audio version of Secret Wars is not the first time a major story arc has been adapted into a radio theater event. 20 or so years ago, the BBC produced excellent radio theater versions of The Death of Superman and Batman: Knightfall. Both legendary D.C. Comics stories were released in cassette format. The adaptations were produced relatively quickly after the original comics were published and both storylines were huge sellers with massive crossover appeal. The “average person” who was not a comic book fan bought those books.

Secret Wars is another matter. The maxi-series never really achieved popularity beyond the core comic book audience.

Fans like Susan McGalla know that several other audio books based on Marvel Comic storylines including The Death of Captain America have been produced. Choosing the original Secret Wars as a subject for an audio presentation does come as a surprise.

Honestly, Secret Wars was not popular among comic book readers. The maxi-series was considered a critically flop. The effects of the first Secret Wars really did not have much an effect on the Marvel Universe to much of a degree. The new Secret Wars series definitely will since the Ultimate Universe and the traditional Marvel Universe are merging and much of the past of Marvel Comics is being wiped away.

Obviously, this is garnering a bit of a buzz so maybe there is an audience for the original series. Perhaps trade paperback sales have been brisk.