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Advice and Insights from Jason Hope and His Passion on Technology

Jason Hope’s relentless efforts at the Arizona State University earned him a bachelors degree in Finance. He went ahead to earne an MBA from W.P. Carey College’s School of Business. He is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, futurist and an investor based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jason Hope started his career through creating a mobile communications company since it reaches and benefits many people. That was triggered by his passion and a clear understanding of technology and enjoys giving back to the community. Jason Hope uses his knowledge in technology to look at the industry and predict future tech trends.

Jason Hope’s advice to entrepreneurs is to focus on each task at a time. The strategy of keeping contact with all the market contacts and referrals he comes across has helped him grow his business. Jason Hope has great belief in the philanthropic and entrepreneurial projects that he puts forward. Some of the investments from, which he earns a living, include companies that provide marketing services, digital media solutions, computer and business information systems and interactive software. In all his ideas, he sees and has the focus on a more significant long-term meaning.

For the aspiring entrepreneurs who want the most outstanding ways to capitalize on technology in the future, the insights and advice that Jason Hope gives will be very helpful. With the latest technological trends, he firmly believes that the Internet of Things will be significant to the modern society’s future. That is because many devices will become connected devices and that it will enable elimination of a lot of waste and our daily life will be a lot safer. Jason Hope works on his projects one step at a time and before implementing an idea he always communicates them to his close friends to get feedback.

Jason Hope believes that ageing can be reversed through drugs working at the cellular level. That was one of the reasons why he pledged half a million dollars to SENS Foundation in support of its research of Rejuvenation Biotechnologies and also for its mission against age-related Diseases. Hope believes in marketing strategies that enhance the connection between people. Therefore, Jason supports the use of social media for marketing, which he believes it works if used correctly. He states that social media is a successful method to generate new business and get business connections. His current goal is to help his local community and also inspire the next generation of technologists and futurists, and Jason Hope on Facebook.

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Talk Fusion Breaks New Ground in Communications Industry

Having the right team around you can be the difference between your customer succeeding and failing. Talk Fusion, the video communication solutions company established by Bob Reina, has long been one of our sources of digital work. Talk Fusion has established themselves as THE marketing and communication solutions platform to work with on the internet if you desire to focus on your company and find success. Talk Fusion is being run by their founder, CEO Bob Reina, and he is more than willing to share just what makes Talk Fusion tick.


A sit down with CEO Bob Reina will invariably lead you right to the core of what makes Talk Fusion so effective. Reina points out that Talk Fusion offers so many needed services in one package, under one roof, that companies can’t help but become more efficient as a result. Talk Fusion offers video marketing, email campaigns, analytics, live meetings, and various other customer-to-business interactions that are required to succeed in 2017. If you weren’t going to find those services under one roof then you would have to find them individually — an expensive and time consuming process.


Talk Fusion also is proud of the fact that they consistently work toward utilizing the newest and most effective technology available. You need only look to the Video Chat application which was developed on WebRTC technology. The Video Chat app, which connects users face to face across platforms, recently won the 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year award. This industry award is a huge sign of respect and prestige and just a small indicator of how effective Talk Fusion is. You can look at CTO Ryan Page, who has been effusively praised by Bob Reina, as one of the leaders involved in the tech advancement process.


Though Talk Fusion is without a doubt one of the most important video communication solution companies on the internet, they are much more than that. Talk Fusion is run on Bob Reina’s prolific sense of philanthropic duty, engaging with charities around the world. Talk Fusion, and Bob Reina in particular, look poised to continue their upward growth.