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WIT: Wessex Institute

The South of England, in Ashurst, New Forest, The Wessex Institute of Technology introduced in 1986 includes postgraduate studies, research, conferences, and is an international hub for students, professors and scholars to share their knowledge with each other. Wessex has formed alliances with organizations internationally creating links and activities to bring research, researchers, and those who want to learn together.

The main areas of expertise are the following:

The dedication to research ranges from studies such as risk assessment and food quality to specialized fields like fluid mechanics and electromagnetics.

WIT conferences for 2017 located throughout Europe currently totals 21 different topics to include disaster management, water, coastal cities, pollution, and much more.

WIT Press is the Wessex Institute’s publishing company specializing in WIT conferences as well as papers, journals,  and books specifically geared to the advancement of the sciences.

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