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CEO And Creator Of Lime Crime, Doe Deere Speaks About Female Business Ownership And More.

A woman who calls herself Queen of the Unicorns has been seen on social media sites like Instagram with her freshly painted face, bright with color, and she seems to be taking the internet by a storm. Doe Deere is so much more than a pretty face however. Doe is a multi-successful business owner who understands the industry of beauty. Doe was names one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by a magazine named Self-Made. Doe seems to speak openly about everything from her personal thoughts to her makeup company Lime Crime. She talks about how she created the name to go with her ebay account many years ago and how she might have gave it more thought if the times were different.

Doe says that when she was getting started, back when the internet was young and the unicorns roamed the earth, no one thought about building a brand. As a child Doe said she was deeply into color and loved her paints and pencils. She also loved to use color with clothes and accessories and wear her mom’s makeup. She loves the fact that as an adult she is still able to do what she loves and have some fun even at work.

Doe Deere created Lime Crime Makeup to fill the void that has been in the makeup industry for years. Makeup wearers have been asking for more colors and the makeup company had made a choice to let those colorful requests go by the wayside. Doe Deere listened to what the makeup companies were not hearing and stated to develop colorful makeup that people loved. This is how Lime Crime was born. She used her favorite color, Lime and added something that rhymed, which happened to be the word crime. This is how Lime Crime got it’s name. Doe started to develop a few products and next she launched a full scale product line up that was selling like hot cakes.

Doe started the Lime Crime Makeup Company with a few hundred dollars and a dream. She had the idea and the drive. Both of these were what started her on the path to another successful business venture. Doe Deere understands what the makeup industry needed and wanted and her company gave it to them. As a result Lime Crime has an amazing, colorful product line that is alive and well. And to think, it was all created and brought to life by a female business person, how awesome.

Check out her website:

And watch her at PHAMExpo

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Let Your True Colors Shine Through with Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that encourages people to express themselves the way they want to through vibrant colors and creativity. The L.A.-based company was founded by Doe Deere who followed her dream, started out small, and grew her company into something much bigger. An extensive variety of lipsticks, nail polishes, eye makeup as well as other beauty products are available in popular boutiques in the U.S. and also online internationally.

If you’re into bold, bright colors and have an eccentric style of your own, Lime Crime has the perfect collection of lip products for you! Unicorn Lipsticks may look like your “average lipstick” but these are rich colors that really stand out from the crowd. From mild (like “Babette”, a pinky nude) to wild (“No She Didn’t”, a bubblegum blue), there is a shade that is sure to satisfy everyone’s taste for color. Another lip product that Lime Crime offers is their Velvetines Line. These lipsticks come in vials, goes on as a liquid, and dries to a velvety-soft finish; like the texture of a rose petal. Last but not least are the Carousel Glosses. These are super-pigmented like a lipstick but are infused with lots of sparkle and is extremely glossy. A perfect choice for a night on the town or if you just feel like being noticed!

Now for those gorgeous eyes of yours; colorful eyeliners and Zodiac Glitter! Like the rest of Lime Crime’s cosmetic line, the eyeliners are no joke! They are bright and hyper-pigmented. To add even more razzle dazzle to your look, try using the Zodiac Glitters along with your eyeliner. These prismatic beauties are multi-dimensional and are never flat. Each glitter has its own personality just like each of the zodiac signs! Keep those colors in place all day and all night long with Lime Crime’s Glitter Helper. This water-resistant adhesive works with all brands of glitter and can be used for a “layered” look. A little goes a long way!

Last but certainly not least, Lime Crime offers a small but sweet variety of candy-colored nail polishes. They look good enough to eat, will attract many a unicorn and are chemical “3-free”.

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Makeup Tips You Need To Know

Makeup is one of the things a woman uses that can help enhance her appearance, but if it isn’t properly applied, it won’t come out as well. One of the best ways to help make sure that you look your best is to follow a couple key guidelines when applying your makeup.

Makeup Tips You Need To Know

– Apply In Order

It’s important that when you apply makeup on to always apply in the right order. Try to follow a formula of your own choosing. However, there are certain things you must do in order. For example, applying foundations before blush, or simply applying a moisturizer first before putting any makeup on. Try to follow a formula that you feel best resonates with your skin type and what you want to showcase with your makeup.

– Using The Right Products

A great makeup tip is to only use brands that don’t affect your skin in a bad way. You can try looking for a professional review about a company brand before you buy the products. Doing this can help you to save time in the long run and get products that only work for specific skin types.

– Liner / Eyeliner and Lipliner

One thing every single makeup artist will tell you is the power behind eyeliner and lipliners. These row okay a vital role on how your makeup turns out in the end. Make sure you use your eyeliner effectively on your eyes. Try to only showcase it throughout certain areas before you start blending in. Using some around the corners of your eyes to emphasize the color is a great trick. For lipliners, the key is to only extend beyond your lips where it looks natural. Lipliners are truly beautiful to use because of how they can impact the change in your lips and create the illusion of fuller lips.

Another great makeup tip you must know is that the best brand to get makeup from is definitely Lime Crime because of what they offer. They have a wide variety of products in their makeup line. Doe Deere made this brand to help give women more options in terms of color to look their best. Gone are the days when makeup didn’t have shine or glitter. Doe really focuses on color presence and expressing one’s personality through her makeup. This woman continues to make massive changes with her brand by adding new products and providing nothing but organic ingredients for the face.

If you are looking for a reliable brand, Lime Crime is the one to go for. The tips above definitely can help you to apply makeup as best as you possibly can. There are certain things you can do to help you look your best with your makeup, and the tips above should help improve that. Your own creativity also comes into play with what you can accomplish with your look. With the right brand, great creativity, and amazing makeup skills, you can turn yourself into anything you want.