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Putin Not An Ally of the EU Against ISIS According to George Soros

Those leading the EU and the United States shouldn’t go around thinking that Putin’s Russia has what it takes to be their ally in the fight against the Islamic State. Putin’s strategy involves weakening the EU and causing it to fall apart, which can be done by flooding it with refugees from Syria.
Russia has undertaken various military actions in the region, including launching bombing campaigns in southern Syria. When bombs start falling on population centers, this causes people to flee. Many refugees are going to Jordan and Lebanon. Russian air attacks have also taken place in the northern regions of Syria. By providing air power, the Russians are helping Assad’s ground forces move forward for an attack against Aleppo. Over 70,000 people have sought refuge in Turkey as a result of the air bombing. If the ground offensive intensifies, this could result in even more people fleeing their homes.

According to an article written by George Soros and published by Project Syndicate, Putin may be a good tactician, but his strategic thinking skills are lacking. One important point that I saw Soros make is that Putin didn’t start his Syrian intervention as a deliberate effort to make the refugee crisis worse from the start. Russia intervening in Syria put them at odds with Turkey, which has caused trouble for both parties. But Putin soon realized that continuing military actions in Syria would potentially put the EU on the path to disintegration and was happy to seize the opportunity.

Forbes billionaire George Soros has previously warned that there would be tough times ahead for the EU during the 2008 financial crisis. Even though they have been able to move ahead after the crisis, the current refugee situation is a huge issue that could show to be too much. Even Germany’s Angela Merkel agrees with Soros that the migrant crisis has the potential to completely destroy the EU.

As a highly successful investor, George Soros frequently gives his opinions on global economic and political issues. According to Forbes, he is currently the richest hedge fund manager in the world and has a net worth of around $24.5 billion. His economic predictions and opinions on world affairs are highly regarded, especially in the global business community.

Another reason as to why George Soros is a highly respected and influential individual is the magnitude of his philanthropic efforts. His biography in the Wall Street Journal shows that he has made over $7 billion in donations to various charitable causes. The Open Society Foundation which he started aims to support democracy and human rights all throughout the world and has a goal of replacing authoritarian regimes with free societies.