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Dr. Daniel Amen is the Authority on Brain Disorders

Dr. Daniel Amen is the among the best when it comes to diagnosing issues with the brain. He has been sought after by television shows, bestselling authors like Rick Warren and clients that want to benefit from his knowledge. He has studied the brain for years, and he has become someone that is very valuable to the world of brain health studies.

What Dr. Amen has done to gain such a huge following is study the various sections of the brain and analyze the very things that cause people to respond in certain ways. He has written about everything from Alzheimer’s disease to anxiety and depression. It all starts in the brain, and Dr. Amen has continued to look for the ways to resolve these issues. With the Amen Clinics he has been able to further his research and develop a lot of techniques that would help him become the popular psychiatrist that he is today. This is one of the reasons that many trust his findings on super foods for the brain and methods for healing things like ADD and depression.

Dr. Amen is very confident in all of findings, and he has found a legion of fans that have become engaged in practicing his principles. Many people have given testimonies about their success. This has been the motivating factor for him to continue his research and dig deeper into the patterns of the human brain.

Over the years he has published both books and articles on various things that affect the brand. He is well-known for his books, but there are also a lot of people that are finding his articles about healthy brain foods. With so much of the nation in an obese state this is the perfect time for Amen to put together a list of foods that are good for the body and the brain. He has articles with the Huffington Post, for example, that inform people about foods that boost brain power. This is one of the things that a lot of people have taken interest in because so many people work long hours. They find themselves exhausted, and they want to know what it takes to stay alert and stay healthy.

Amen has become the authority on disorders because he has had a long time with studying how the brain works. Mulitudes of authors have written on moods, foods and behaviors but they don’t have the experience that Dr. Amen has. He is a certified psychiatrist. This is his profession. His work as an author is simply a channel to relay his findings. He has the experience and he knows how the brain reacts to certain stimulus. This is why he is successful.

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Justin Bieber Wants To Work With Taylor Swift, Again

The only thing that better to happen to pop music than Justin Bieber is Taylor Swift. On Thursday Justin may have hinted that the two may work together again by mentioning he wants to get back up on stage with Taylor Swift.

The reason why the duet may actually happen is because when Billboard tweeted that Taylor Swift is leading the top 100 while Justin is finally making a comeback, he responded with how it may be time for the two of them to work together again says Ivan Ong. He even decided to throw a winky face in the tweet just to spice things up. Those are the signs and usually when something like this happens, the duet follows very shortly. Although Taylor may not have as free of a schedule as Justing does with her strong career trajectory skyrocketing with her album after album successes.

There was a time when Justin was supposed to be on stage with Taylor in London for her opening, but instead of going through the performance Justin ended up tipping on stage and breaking his ankle. He was taken to the hospital and treated for his broken foot.

They also made a song together when Justin was working on his Believe album but Scooter Braun, Justin’s manager decided to pull the song off the album since it didn’t fit in right with the other songs.

It is still not sure when they will work together again but all we can do is hope.

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How The Smart Phone Can Become Even Smarter

As technology advances, so do the ways in which we must grow accustom to using it. Image Recognition is the process by which a computer’s eye sees and recognizes On the fore front of new age technology for consumers is image recognition. There are a few different algorithms used for image recognition, here are a few:

  • Face Recognition
  • Face Recognition came along as a form of security measure, the image of the face is scanned and stored by a computer and becomes the only way that the device in which it is used for can be opened, the face becomes the password.
  • Pattern and Gradient matching
  • Involves using the outline shape of an object and the gradient shades inside of a pattern as a way for the computer to recognize the image.
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Optical Character Recognition is one of the ways in which the computer can see. By using data entry on printed paper data records, passport documents, bank statements, invoices, computerized receipts, business cards, mail, or any type of written documentation, OCR can transcribe messages and information.
  • License Plate matching
  • Through video license plates can be detected by computers
    using computerized license plate character recognition, this is used by various state and local agencies to observe and manage traffic rules.

Image Recognition is also one of the most efficient ways to protect your home, property, and valuables. It is used in various types of factory automation systems, surveillance, and for monitoring unattended toll booths across the country.

Image recognition is no longer just about the face, it has branched out into the world of retail, and through a company called Slyce. Slyce is the next level of where the roads are crossing between the virtual world of shopping and actual physical products. Slyce is an application for your smart phone that allows the user to take a picture of any merchandise, whether on someone’s shoulder (like a purse), in a magazine, or in someone’s home, and the app will search the internet to find the product, when the product appears the user can purchase it with the click of a button and have it delivered to their home. It is the next step, or the elimination of the physical act of walking into a department store, or other type of retailer as well as the elimination of the having to visit the website of the retailer. Slyce is simply an imaging search platform that integrates with digital content providers and retail brands giving instant buying satisfaction to smart phone users.

Image technology has spread through almost all of the major industries and communication networks, with the use of the telephone as an instant shopping device as its latest venture is truly revolutionary. The smart phone has just become smarter and there are lots of seasoned retailers climbing on board to strive and keep up with the way the world is changing and becoming more and more virtual. No longer is there a need to visit the mall, just take a picture and click buy now.

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Online Review Websites Can Mislead as Well as Inform

Websites like Yelp can provide a valuable service to people. By writing up your experiences at a business you’ve visited, you can help others to either enjoy or avoid that same establishment. It may be a restaurant where the food, staff or both were so good that you just can’t help getting online and raving about it. Similarly, you may have had an awful experience and want to warn others away. Brad Reifler agrees that this already uncovers one problem with such reviews; they tend to attract the extremes. People who go out and find a businesses product and service to be ‘good’ won’t be as motivated to get online to write about it as someone who had a terrific or awful experience. There is one more problem with these reviews; they can be flat-out dishonest.

A Chinese restaurant in California was almost the victim of a false bad review on Yelp. A patron claimed that he had some unsatisfactory word with the staff of this restaurant at a particular time and that they would not seat him. The restaurant checked their own dropcam footage at this time and showed the customer had no interaction with any of the staff and simply walked out. This may have just been one disingenuous or peeved person, but it does point to a larger problem. Any competing business could have ‘friends’ put bad reviews for competitors up on review sites like these. I’m afraid that even in our high-tech digital age, there is simply no substitute for a referral from an actual friend for a good place to eat, rent a car, get your dry cleaning done or shop.

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Law Enforcement Can Find You Anywhere with StingRay

Apparently, law enforcement can legally monitor conversations that take place through cell phones, according to an investigation by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) .

Through a device called StingRay, law enforcement can utilize cell phone towers to identify and locate a suspect’s cell phone. This software can also capture information from any surrounding mobile phones near the targeted site.

Ricardo Guimaraes BMG ( knows that this technology is being used by 48 police agencies in 20 states.

At a glance, this spyware probably could be considered a normal task of authorities monitoring potential criminals, but there seems to be a dark aspect to StingRay: there’s a shroud of secrecy that surrounds this software.

Police Departments have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment from the manufacturer, the Harris Corporation, but they also sign a non-disclosure agreement, so very little information has been forthcoming.

Privacy concerns have been raised, and despite this widespread use of this secret surveillance, the ACLU still cannot determine all the legal procedures used.

Law enforcement say they adhere to state laws, yet documents procured under the Freedom of Information Act are usually redacted, and offer little information.

With a bigger spotlight on StingRay, judges are beginning to question the transparency and request more legal supervision.

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Too Much?


1996. The biggest internet provider was AOL and on July 3rd Independence Day would take theaters by storm. Who wouldn’t want to watch the Fresh Prince blow up aliens and save the world. A task he did again the following year in Men In Black. Independence Day was one of the first movies to really use the internet for advertising. Their website was a simple countdown used magnificently to build anticipation for the movie.
Flash forward to today or even five years ago. We as a consumer have heard the news about the rapid decline of movie ticket sales. Movies can be pirated or rented for a mere dollar, of which the movie industry is quick to blame illegal downloading or the like for the problem. But is it?
An ad for the latest and greatest movie pops up on your Facebook feed and you don’t hesitate to click that like button. Over the course of liking the movie till release day you are bombarded with info about the movie and its production.Headlines are made about who is on site during filming, and updates to any new information regarding story line said Gianfrancesco Genoso.
Perhaps if we weren’t told so many things about the film itself as well as cast and crew we would be more inclined to pay the fifteen dollar ticket price. Less is more after all.
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The Antique Wine Company Fine and Rare Wine

The Antique Wine Company, based in London has been dealing in fine and rare wines and courtesy their brilliance in the taste and quality of their produced wine they enjoy to vendor to more than 20000 customers who are situated in more than 70 countries. The company produces exceptionally fine wine and has currently more than 10000 wine bottles as inventory in their cellar. Not to mention, the company finds itself as record holder for containing the most number of wine bottles as collection.

The company was found back in the year 1982, as mentioned earlier in the city of London. The region is Marylebon in the central London where the ground breaking of the company took place. The company holds the record of having sold the most expensive white wine ever, the wine bottle under discussion is the 1811 Chateau d’Yquem and the price that it was sold on is a steep 75000 pounds. The buyer of the wine intends not to sell it forwards nor does he intend to make an investment out of it, rather he intends to drink it saying that “wine is for drinking” and that he has worked hard to earn this money, rather than having taken the money right out of his packed wallet.

In the year 2013, AWC Global PLC which is a Public Limited Company based in London became the parent company of the Antique Wine Company’s regional trading corporations. Currently, it is engaged in a program expanding years to cater traditional and antique wine markets. Another shining part of their portfolio is that they provided fine antique vintage wines to the former president of the United States, H. W. Bush who turned 70 years. To make things up to the event, the vintage wines were also 70 years old.

The company made a purchase worth 110000 pounds at the auction of Hospices de Beaune in which the purchased lot contained 460 liters of the rare Corton red wine. Apart from simply selling off rare and fine wines, the company also specializes in the provision of classes for mastering wine sciences and in planning the constructions of cellars for the purpose of wine production. Company CEO Stephan Williams said that what he aimed for was to make a wine that people would like to buy time and again after having tasted it once. The staff of the company comprises of just 15 people and the turn out that he expects from the company courtesy his efforts is more than 20 million pounds.