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Get Reliable Care Under MB2 Dental

There are thousands of adult patients who neglect dental care because of the belief of traditional dentistry that says; it’s painful and takes a lengthy recovery time which means days off of work. They provide a comprehensive dental plan with customer feedback. MB2 Dental believes in involving the maintenance or enhancement of their smile. In fact, they offer a spa dental environment with holistic therapy outside of needles or endless prescribed medications. Their highly trained professionals have the expertise to take care of you before, during, and after your visit with follow-up care. Trust the professionals with the support of Dr. Villaneuva, lead dentist with a specialty in orthodontist work.

Why Choose MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental takes the time to give their patients priority over their care. Their pediatric dentistry teaches your child the importance of taking care of their teeth, how to properly use a toothbrush, limit their fluoride intake, and teach them how to floss. Learning how to brush can improve the oral health and digestion for children and adults. Your kids will also receive a fun fact sheet after every dental visit. You never have to worry about correcting your childs smile and them missing important school days with creative dentistry solutions.Best of all, MB2 Dental strives to meet the demands of their patients with limited resources. Their in-house financing allows you to pay for emergency dental care services on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. You get the care you need for your smile regardless of an inability to pay.

MB2 Dental Preferred Services

– spa dental

– holistic therapy

– pediatric dentistry

– dental referrals

– licensed & bonded

– trained professionals

– dental x-rays

– braces clear/traditional

– teeth whitening

– American Dental Association accredited

– sports injuries

– crooked/spaced/knocked-out teeth

Your teeth can make up a large portion of your confidence by making it hard to communicate face-to-face or effectively communicate with your employees. Take care of your smile with the benefits of a rich smile that gives you a reason to land job in modeling or entertainment. Their free consultation will help you decide what treatment you would like to receive for your smile. Get more details on their comprehensive dental plan by visiting their easy to read and navigate website for more details today. MB2 Dental is a dentist you can trust for your smile.

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Succeed as a Dentist with MB2 Dental Solutions

MB2 Dental Solutions has brought together the best dentists in the field. It has provided a platform for dentists to help each other in growing their careers. Through mentorship and networking, MB2 has managed to help its members in starting their practice. Working alone as a dentist can be difficult. MB2 takes care of all other matters for their members so that the dentists can focus on their patients.Some of the privileges enjoyed by the members include marketing, accounting, compliance, and procurement. This means that when dentists have their practice, the business part is taken care of by MB2. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva founded the company. Dr. Villanueva is also the CEO of the firm. The organization is currently present in six states, and in seventy different locations.

Akhil Reddy is one of the pioneers of the organization. He was always passionate about helping out new dentists in the field. He said that in the beginning, they wanted to ensure that their services were easily accessible. Dental care is always expensive, and most people cannot afford it. The organization aimed at delivering services, which were of high quality and affordable to all citizens.Akhil said that in business, it is important to understand the venture you’re raking. Also, know whether the market will accept it. He also advised on healthy eating saying that people should start consuming fresh foods. Given a chance, he would have worked with mentors earlier on in life. He has seen the benefits of having mentors as it makes it easier to learn from their experience.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Akhil Reddy understands that doing things on time is crucial for success. He also said that to be successful, he has to take care and respect his employees. He warned against being too friendly with employees saying that everything should be professional. On his failures, he said that not having proper plans cost him a business, which he had to sell.This for him was not a setback but an experience, which continues to help him, especially in decision-making. As a boy, Dr. Akhil took part in sports and scouting. He was born in Texas. He holds a B.S. in biological sciences from the University of the Pacific’s Accelerated Dental Program. He also attended the University of the Pacific Dentistry for his DDS.

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MB2 Dental is Leading the Dental Practice Revolution

Practice management companies are on the rise as recent health care reforms have made running a medical or dental office more complex. MB2 Dental Solutions is a dental practice management company that handles all of the details and lets dentists focus on their patients first and foremost. MB2 Dental was founded by dentist Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, who was unhappy with limited options that dentists had when it came to running their practice. Dentists could basically choose to go it alone in solo practice or form a group a group practice. Villanueva saw that neither solution solved the problems inherent in setting up and operating a small practice, and he decided that there must be a better way.

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, the organization now boasts over 70 affiliated dental offices and nearly 80 employees. MB2 Dental’s mission is to take advantage of the positive aspects of solo and group practices while eliminating the drawbacks. According to Dr. Villanueva, his model means “doctors investing in doctors,” allowing dentists affiliated dentists to practice dentistry and leave the increasingly complex demands on running practice to professionals. Most dentist do not have training in human resources, marketing, or dealing with regulatory and legal issues. In order to fill this gap, MB2 Dental has teams of experts focused squarely on every area of practice management.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, especially in major metro areas, marketing and practice development is one need that dentists often struggle with. Marketing a new practice is no longer as simple as getting listed in the phone book, and even existing practices may find themselves with lagging patient volumes. MB2 Dental Solutions invest their resources and and expertise and uses that leverage and operational scale to jump start new practices and revive faltering dental offices in its network.

Dr. Villanueva and the MB2 Dental team are also firm believers in social responsibility. In 2016, the company instituted its first mission trip, which saw one of the firm’s affiliated dentists leading a group of dentists to provide much-needed care to needy patients in Jamaica. Eight doctors treated around 200 patients as part of the philanthropic effort.

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The Search for Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea has destructive effects that are becoming apparent to the medical professionals now unlike before. A new research indicates that there is a correlation between sleep apnea and severe conditions like stroke and diabetes. The research has created an urgent need to discover treatments for sleep apnea. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the founder of Dental Sleep Masters. Dr. Avi has knowledge and expertise in sleep disorders and treatment. Dr. Avi is among other experts trying to discover ways of diagnosing and treating patients suffering from sleep apnea. Research also indicates that about 90% of patients with sleep apnea have not yet been diagnosed. Dr. Avi and his team are working towards addressing this serious condition.


Dentists have also joined physicians and sleep physicians to offer support to patients suffering from sleep apnea. There is hope that the treatment for this condition will increase in future as more breakthroughs emerge. Dentists can also devote their practice towards diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea. It is unfortunate that many patients are not responding positively to the developed mechanical treatments developed in the past. ImThera Medical has developed a new device known as THN Sleep Therapy. The food and drug administration responsible for experimental clinical trials recently approved the therapy.


Alternative treatments are increasingly becoming user-friendly and smaller in size. Doctors hope that the alternative treatments will encourage more patients to seek a cure for this condition. The smaller implantable devices are easy to use since they do not use uncomfortable masks and noisy and disruptive machinery. The patients require a treatment that can stimulate the airway muscles to stay open because they wake up to 30 times in a night. FDA approved the upper airway stimulation in 2004 and patients have tolerated it. The integration of medical and dental professionals will create a model of care that will treat patients effectively.


More about Dr. Avi

Dr. Avi Weisfogel founded his first dental practice in 1999, which was known as Old Bridge Dental Care. Dr. Avi managed the office for over 15 years. It is during that time that he started exploring the world of sleep and learning the roles of dentists and physicians on helping sleep apnea patients. As a result, Dr. Avi founded several companies in that industry dealing with sleep apneas. He later founded Dental Sleep Masters in 2004.

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Avi Weisfogel and his GoFundMe Campaign for Operation Smile

Avi Weisfogel is proud to be part of a GoFundMe campaign that was launched to assist the Operation Smile, an international charity medical organization that offers free surgical lip procedures for kids. They also offer services to young adults that have cleft lips, palate and other deformities on their face. Weisfogel is targeting to get at least $2000, to ensure that every child has the hope of having a healthy and brighter future.


Weisfogel spoke of the belief and aspiration of Operation Smile in ensuring that every child has hope no matter what comes their way. He stated that his background and passions led him to choose Operation Smile as children deserve the best care that is available. Operation Smile works with a number of medical professionals, governments, organizations and hospitals to create models for surgical care. The look for the most effective solution that will benefit as many children as possible in various places globally. It was founded in 1982 by Kathy and Bill Magee to help children based in the Philippines before it spread globally.


About Avi Weisfogel


Avi Weisfogel has a wide background in sleep disorders and sleep treatment. He started the Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999 and managed his dental practice for over 15 years. He won various accolades in his community for being the Best Dentist for a number of years. He then started exploring how physicians and dentists could work together to help patients who had sleep disorders. In the year 2010, he established the Healthy Heart Sleep, which worked with physicians all over the globe to advise them on the setting up and running of sleep labs.


In 2012, he went on to establish Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient to help dentists know how to add and serve patients with sleep disorders. In 2014, Dental Sleep Masters was the next thing he established with the aim of breaking into the sleep world through using oral appliances for treatment. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Biology from the Rutgers University. He also has a DDS from New York University. He has a thorough knowledge on sleep apnea and it enables him treat his patients.


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