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Beneful Brings Natural Ingredients To The Pet Foods Market

The development of the Beneful brand has continued apace in recent years as the brand has become one of the worlds leading developers of natural pet foods from one of the world’s leading manufacturers. Beneful commercial¬† was developed as a natural pet foods brand with a focus on providing healthy feed for pets without the need for the large number of processed foods and fillers found in many different products across the pet foods market; the name Beneful was even created as a source of fresh foods with an English translation of “full of goodness”.

When launched in 2001, Beneful developed a line of impressive wet foods developed to look, smell, and taste similar to stews developed for humans as the need for natural products was spotted early by Purina. Beneful should be seen as the world’s leading natural pet foods manufacturer with a range of wet and dry foods developed using only natural ingredients designed to make sure every pet parent can provide their loved one with an affordable, but nutritious meal from one of the world’s most trusted pet food producers.

Beneful has always had its focus on the pets who actually eat their food products than the pet parents who choose their foods based on the different products they believe provides the healthiest option for any family pet to enjoy. Living a healthy life has seen the development of new areas of the pet foods market and the Beneful brand itself who have made the move to provide a better standard of food for pets who are now seen more as members of the family than as pets who need to be cared for and fed in the best possible way.


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Dog Food Is the Key to a Happier and Healthier Life

Healthy eating is big news these days. It seems that there’s always a new story popping up about the benefits to both health and palate which can come from switching to a healthier diet. But the Daily Herald recently reported on a twist to how this process usually works. The Daily Herald’s reporter was sent out to look at a high quality gourmet food shop. And at first many of the events seemed to fit right in with one’s expectations. Everything looked great, and the executives being interviewed were obviously quite proud of the quality of their food. They even sampled a few bites of the meal once it had been completed. But what set it apart from the norm is the fact that the tour was being given in a dog food shop. The twist is that they were focused on the creation of high quality gourmet dog food. This is dog food which is made from the absolute freshest ingredients and cooked to perfection. It has more in common with what a human might find on her plate than what people normally expect from dog food. In fact, the Daily Herald further expanded this point by discussing a “he’ll have what you’re having.” advertising campaign. This focused on the idea of dog food that even a human would be envious of. This might all seem like something quite new to the industry. But some companies began earlier than others. One high quality dog food brand, Beneful, has been making gourmet dog food since its inception in 2001. The Beneful company’s mission statement can be easily seen in the name. Beneful began with the idea of creating food whose nutritional profile was so high that it would deliver health benefits to dogs. Beneful pushed the idea further through an understanding that high quality nutrition comes from high quality food. They quickly began work on a wide variety of meals that used real chicken, beef, vegetables and other healthy ingredients. The end result is dog food where one can easily see the various healthy ingredients within simply by looking at it.