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Arthur Becker’s Variety of Interest

Entrepreneur Arthur Becker has a real estate office that also serves as an art studio. This very unique space includes a full workshop that includes many of his personal paintings and other art work. Over the years Becker has made a fortune buying tech companies. His business dealings range from finance and tech to art and real estate.

With recent work in both New York and Florida, real estate appears to be the focus of the future.


Becker’s collections include lots of work from African countries like Nigeria and Cameroon. Some of the items he owns are over a millennium old and many of them he reproduces as sculptures. He will soon have two large reproductions installed in a Capital Properties commercial building in Boston. Another interesting art interest of Becker’s is money origami. If you walk into his office you will see covered with things like a sculpture of crumpled cash, stacked gold bars and unique origami animals. A number of these pieces have been sold and Becker is even planning a June exhibit at one of his newly built townhouses. You can visit LinkedIn to know more.


Perhaps Becker’s most interesting interest is cookies. While living in LA in his thirties, Becker was persuaded to in a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii. He has invested more than four million dollars in this interest and it led to a contract with Mrs. Fields cookies to sell the nuts. That partnership eventually would bring him more than ten million dollars. Check out Inspirery to know more.


According to The Real Deal, Arthur Becker is the Chairman & CEO of Zinio. He is a graduate of Bennington college where he studied both ceramics and photography. Becker’s career began when he worked by moving 18th century American houses in New England. During his career he worked as the the CEO of NaviSite a company that provided technology to customers in the US and UK for nearly a decade. Becker’s impact is wide spread and covers many genres. The art world in particular should continue to feel his impact for many years to come.


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The Benefits of Choosing the US Money Reserve

Investing takes a lot of skill and knowledge to ensure that you do not lose money over time. Unfortunately, bad investments are pretty easy to make if you are not too careful. Many people are putting their money into stocks and bonds that can easily and quickly change over time. Stocks lose their value and markets crash without any notice, so you need a more reliable way to earn money over time. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by investing into both gold and silver.

Precious metals offer a lot of investment opportunities and benefits to those who choose to get away from traditional forms of investing. For example, the price of gold and silver continues to go up day after day. Unlike stocks and bonds that fluctuate with time, precious metals only rise in value to benefit those who have invested into them. If you think that investing in gold and silver is the right choice for you, you should always do your business with the US Money Reserve. This company is the most reliable and trusted gold and silver provider for anyone who is living in America.

The US Money Reserve helps people to get the gold and silver that they need in order to begin their investments. You can choose your precious metal in either coin or bullion form depending on which one fits your needs better. Once you have chosen the right investment, they put a guarantee on your purchase so that you know you are getting something that is fully genuine. This is a guarantee that you probably will never be able to receive when doing business with a totally different company. When you are getting your precious metals from the US Money Reserve, you know you are getting something reliable and substantial.

Investing is pretty difficult work unless you have put your money into something that is going to grow with time and be guaranteed to do so. The price of precious metals is not falling at all and is continuing to rise in price over the years. This is why it might be time to give up the idea of going with stocks and bonds in order to choose a type of investment that is guaranteed to grow with time. The best way for you to do this is to go through the US Money Reserve to get any and all of your metals.

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Are The Feds Trying To Drive The Global Financial Market?

Ever since the 2008 recession there has been talk among investors that the government quietly kept the stock market from crashing and burning instead of just crashing. The Federal Reserve’s recent decision not to raise interest rates has started another rumor like the one that spread seven years ago. Some investors like Jim Dondero, the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, think the Feds did the right thing by not raising rates at this point in time. Mr. Dondero thinks the global economy would not be able to withstand the rate increase.

Many economists think there is a 50 percent chance of a global recession in 2016, and Mr. James Dondero on crunchbase says investors are faced with new choices when it comes to managing global assets. Highland Capital manages more than $26 billion in assets, and wants to protect the profitability of those assets. Keeping interest rates the same helps protect those assets at least for the short-term, according to Dondero.

But Dondero also says there are signs out there that could spell another recession even though the interest rate stays where it is. For example, credit card companies are getting less comfortable with the amount of outstanding debt especially with the debt they call “junk debt.” Another sign is a stall in cash-flow growth in corporations, and another issue is the Junk spreads. They have been racing higher recently and that is concerning some investors, according to Dondero.

The United States market is still growing and that is a good sign, even though some investors think the government is behind that growth. It’s not real in terms of actual growth according to some investors that think the numbers don’t indicate the actual state of the economy in the United States. Mr. Dondero points out that domestic companies are doing well, but the companies that focus on the global market are having a difficult time. The real story about domestic growth will be revealed as China takes more steps to recover and is in a position to export and import more goods from other countries like Brazil and South Africa.

The hedge fund investment market is trying to protect their assets by staying away from stocks at this point and investing in foreign assets that will weather a global recession better than others. That is a risky business, but that’s what hedge fund managers do. Mr. Dondero and Highland Capital Management executives know that market. Highland Capital executives and other investment firm managers are moving away from Brazil and focusing on India. But that strategy may be short-term.

But given the circumstances that the global market is facing, the question is will the Feds try to drive the financial global market if another worldwide recession returns. The answer is no, according to some experts, but other economic experts say the Feds have no choice. A global recession will have a major impact on United States exports and the currency exchange. Those two things are the fuel for economy growth in the 21st century.

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Kevin Seawright and the Executive Leadership Program

Newark CEDC-(Newark Community Economic Development Corporation) announced today a special certificate of completion that was given to their Executive V.P. and CFO- Kevin Seawright from the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame. He effectively completed the second part of the Nonprofit Fund Development Program. Mr. Seawright feels very strongly about completing this program and wants to guarantee the programs continues on with its success in the Executive Leadership Program. He has always felt strongly about participating and being devoted to his community, the school systems, and the government. He feels now more than ever is the time to get involved in groups that can make an impact to make our communities stronger and better.

The Executive Leadership Program was started to keep company executives up with the latest in the non-profit arena. The second part of this program “Leading Nonprofit Boards,” explains what makes up a board and how to run a board to be efficient and to be as effective as possible. In order to be successful, you must lead an organization as the organization expands and grows. He also feels that there is a system to putting together a successful board using orientation, evaluation, training, and finding possible new board members, is imperative to making the organization successful indefinitely.

Mr. Seawright through NJBiz has worked in Financial Management for the last thirteen years for different government agencies in the area. He has worked in many different positions for different agencies all over the East Coast. Mr. Seawright looks forward to completing the third and final part of the leadership program while still working in both of his positions at Newark CEDC-(Newark Community Economic Development Corporation).

Kevin Seawright is a manager in project and accounting working in Newark, New Jersey. Before he moved to Newark, he worked out in the field for local government agencies, various school districts, and in development of real estate in Baltimore, Maryland and in the Washington, DC area. Kevin Seawright was a board member for the Babe Ruth Museum as an advisor and was a coach for several kids’ sports teams in his area.

Kevin Seawright joined the Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC) as their new manager in May of this year. The group is an organization that handles economic development in Newark, New Jersey and helps bring in, grow, and keep businesses in Newark and encourage real estate growth in the city.