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George Soros’ Free Advice to Chinese Financial Industry

George Soros boasts of six decades of experience in the world of investment banking. All this time he has seen the global economy grow and giants such as the US, China, and the European Union dominate global trade.

At the same time, Soros has upset great odds to make a name for himself as he has become a pioneer of investment banking. His history dates back to the 1930’s in Hungary where he was born and raised. Soros left his war-torn motherland to seek a better life. This quest on landed him in London as a refugee. Luckily for Soros, opportunities came in plenty even to refugees in London. Soon, he was enrolled at the London School of Economics where the greatest thinkers of the time sharpened their skills.

George Soros ventured into investment banking immediately after college. At the time, the global economy was finding its feet, and investment banks were playing a critical role in development projects. Over a period of three decades, Soros became a celebrity figure in these circles owing to his shrewd business dealings. Eventually, he opened his private firm known as the Soros Management Fund.

The success he achieved in financial markets on also put Soros on the road to pursuing other personal goals he harbored in life. For instance, he founded and funded the Open Society Foundations. Soros was known to be a thinker throughout his career, and he hypothesized on economic, political and social issues. One of his best concepts is that of an open society where members accept the realities of life, life is sacred, human rights are respected, and the authorities are accountable to their subjects.

The idea of an open society impressed George Soros so much hence his involvement with the Open Society Foundations up to date. While Soros has a busy time in his philanthropic ventures, he still has the time to follow up on economic and political trends around the world. For instance, he has been on the forefront of creating amicable solutions to the asylum crisis in Europe besides lobbying political leaders to take rapid action.

Earlier this year, George Soros cautioned on the future of the Chinese economy at a global economic forum in Asia. In his evaluation, he cited the ballooning debt the Asian giant possesses said to be more than the global average of 1.4 trillion Yuan. Soros feels the debt coupled with an uncharacteristic boom in the real estate sector bears signs of a looming financial crisis similar to those that precipitated the global crisis of 2008.

These sentiments sent shock waves across the global financial markets since Soros has the experience and history of predicting such adverse economic occurrences. He further advised the Chinese government to take structural adjustment measures before it’s too late.
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Under the George Soros Watch.

A lot of information has been published and said about the life and times of George Soros. He is a man of stature and clout in societies around the globe. The first things that come to mind when Soros is mentioned on Bloomberg include hedge funds, philanthropy, politics, human rights, education and, of course, the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros also speaks of his early life with enthusiasm. It is a period that shaped his character and principles of life. George was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930, at a time when Europe fell under the command of Communists and the invasion of the Nazis. War and civil strife wee the order of the day and most of his peers in the time fell victim to the gun.

In his teenage years, Soros summoned his inner strength and fled a war-torn Hungary. He headed west and later settled in the United Kingdom as a refugee. Over the course of another fifteen years, Soros would live in London as an asylum seeker. During the same period, he got lucky and enrolled for higher education at the London School of Economics. This opportunity served as the stepping stone for his career and entire life.

After graduation in 1952, Soros obtained an entry-level position in one of the growing hedge funds in London. He took advantage of the opportunity and quickly learned the game. Soros always had a big dream for his future and several years later the quest to achieve it led him to New York. Here, several asset management companies made enormous profits from the input and expertise provided by Soros.

Two decades were enough for Soros to summon his energy once again and get into a private business. The Soros Management Fund was born, and Soros impressed his clients with his wise business choices and profit margins. Around the same time, George became a philanthropist and contributed to solving the plight of detainees in South Africa and the fall of communism in Eastern Europe.

Perhaps the under looked facts about Mr. Soros is his love for the scribe. He has become an accomplished author. Soros has published over a dozen books and essays. In public, he is always commenting and voicing his opinion on various economic, political and humanitarian matters. This year, George has been wary of recurring global economic trends that remind him of 2008. This observation comes from the underperformance of global stocks and currency in the opening weeks of 2016.

In an economic forum in Sri Lanka, George pleaded with investors to exercise caution in their dealings. The problems currently experienced by the Chinese economy seem likely to find their way into a host of other developing nations.