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Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

How Class Dojo is Revolutionizing Education

Class Dojo is a revolutionary platform for connecting teachers, students and their parents. It allows for empowering students to showcase their best qualities and do their best work. Teachers love using Class Dojo because it allows for a proactive approach in establishing a positive environment and culture both in the classroom and the school as a whole.

The Class Dojo system encourages students to make contributions to class discussion and stay highly engaged. By using a point tracking system where students are able to see their point totals in real time, it provides a solid level of motivation for students to improve. Teachers love how easy the platform is to use. Class Dojo has an interactive app for tracking student performance that is available for smart devices. It is also accessible through the Class Dojo site.

Imagine a classroom filled with students that are each able to monitor their point totals at any given time. The teacher keeps a class list pulled up on the interactive board where students can see their points attached to their individual avatar. When a correct answer is given, or a positive contribution is made to class discussion, a positive and pleasant sound is heard. Everyone now sees that a point has been awarded and to whom. This is a great positive reinforcement of good habits that is so important for establishing the classroom culture and climate that teachers desperately need on a daily basis.

Class Dojo offers customizable and detailed reports to show each student’s strengths and areas that improvement may be possible. It is easy to follow and a wonderful method of communicating with families exactly what their child is doing to contribute to the class and the school each day. It most definitely takes the effort of every child to make a class and even an entire school achieve success. Through platforms like Class Dojo, managing these efforts becomes much easier. Giving a structured and detailed method for encouraging students and communicating with families is the goal of every school. Class Dojo has become the gold standard of platforms that work to accomplish these goals.