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Taylor Swift Influences Apple Music Stream

According the the buzzfeed article,, musical artist, Taylor Swift, had a big influence on Apple’s decision to change their new music stream policy. The company originally had plans to offer a three month trial period of free music streaming to their new customers. During this trial period, Apple would not be reimbursing the music artists.

This concept came to the ears of Swift, and she swiftly took action. The musical artist wrote a blog post that caught the attention of Senior Vice President of Apple, Eddy Cue. In her post, she vowed not to stream her music via the Apple streaming service. After watching the discussion and responses to the streaming/artist pay issue over the course of the week, Cue resolved to take action.

Apple will now pay artists 71.5% of the Apple music streaming revenue. Cue expressed the fact that he would like artists to be paid for their work. He wants people to know that Apple listens to the concerns of artists. Cue even went so far as to contact Taylor personally and inform her of the companies decision. Swift, however, wasn’t the only concerned party. Independent record labels were also heavily concerned, as they would have to pay a large amount of money to be included in the music streaming platform.

James Dondero noted that Swift has not yet confirmed as to whether she will now become a part of the service. Although, she publicly posted the fact that her voice has been heard, and that she is elated and relieved.