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Celebrities and the Growth of the Kabbalah Centre

Established in the United States in 1965, the Kabbalah Centre originally was headquartered in New York City. When the Kabbalah Centre initially opened its doors for the first time in the United States, is was called The National Research Institute of Kabbalah. The Kabbalah Centre in the United States was established by Rav Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda TzviBrandwein.

Brandwein himself was a product of the YeshivahKol Yehuda, in Israel. He came from this center to assist in establishing the one in New York City. In fact, the center in the Israel really is the primary precursor of the Kabbalah Centre, first in the Big Apple and then in the City of Angeles. The YeshivahKol Yehuda itself was established before the founding of the Jewish state, in 1922.

The Kabbalah Centre opened its doors in Los Angeles in 1984. At this point in its history, the Kabbalah Centre also has over 50 branch centers, located around the world. In addition, the Kabbalah Centre has inspired innumerable Kabbalah study groups, also all over the globe. Finally, Kabbalah courses from the Kabbalah Centre are accessible via the Internet.

The Kabbalah Centre provides instruction that does not require a foundation in Jewish or Hebrew texts. This is a departure from more traditional forms of Kabbalah instruction. However, this pathway followed by the Kabbalah Centre has made the Kabbalah far more accessible to people from all walks of life.

There are a considerable number of Hollywood actors, and other celebrities, who are involved with the Kabbalah Centre. One of the best known is Madonna. She has been involved in the LA Kabbalah Centre for years.

In addition to Kabbalah Centre, celebrity Paris Hilton is another person affiliated with the Kabbalah Centre. She has said that the Kabbalah Centre has been crucial to assisting her get through difficult times in her life.

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Wessex Institute of Technology: Highlights

Wessex Institute of Technology is an educational and research institution located in Ashurst, New Forest, England. The institute is divided into three main areas of research, conferences, and publishing. Its mission aims to develop knowledge through transfer mechanisms and exchange information between professionals and the world of academia. The WIT press, which is the publishing service of the institute, produces conferences proceedings, journals, and research monographs. Other events hosted by the institute have included conferences on risk analysis, urban transport, and sustainable tourism. WIT also awards the annual Prigogine Medal to a notable researcher. The Wessex Institute of Technology Wikipedia contains more information on enrollment and an eLibrary archive.