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Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

Keeping A Close Eye: Help for Mothers at School

Mothers rejoice. Now mothers can keep a very watchful eye on their children all day and every day while they attend school, wherever it is. The app is called ClassDojo where teachers and students have been able to communicate as well by making classrooms open to their educational community. Teachers already are working toward giving students positive messages about their skill development and value development such as work ethic, treating others with respect or kindness and being a helpful individual to others. These are some of the values that ClassDojo is being used to reinforce.

Mothers now can utilize this app to observe and stay connected with their children while they are attending school and on other extracurricular adventures. This works both ways as students can showcase their talents and skills that they are developing by uploading photos and videos of the activities they participate in during their school work periods, in essence creating a video portfolio of their work. Parents will be thrilled to witness these sharing documentaries and photo collections of their children as they navigate through their classroom participation exercises. The students level of participation is graded with what are called “digital high-fives” represented by an icon looking like two open hands poised to meet other hands in the high five gesture.

There are digital report cards on each student to be shared with parents by teachers and students with icons representing their grades in categories such as active listening, class contribution, work ethic, helpful attitude, leadership and tenacity or ‘grit.’ Sharing of classroom moments is totally a hit with teachers and parents as they instantly present photos, videos and updates during a live class through out a day of school on the Class Dojo app.

Sharing between parents is also possible with private messaging, instantly so that they can discuss any issues that they have concerns about before confronting the problem if there is one with the others involved. Parents and teachers also can do the same so that if there are issues to sort out with other children and their parents this can also be done before any confrontation takes place.

The classroom has become open in real time to the parental aspect of child raising and a child’s education so that the children will not be forgotten or allowed to slip through the cracks as they have in the past when busy parents who are out earning. Parents will be able to learn about what their children are being taught.