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Lovaganza Announcement Raises Anticipation For A Bohemian Celebration

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Recently, PR Newswire ran an article detailing the Lovaganza Foundation, the bohemian world-culture company has recently announced the 2020 premiere of the Lovaganza festival. The festival celebration had been postponed in order to take advantage of the latest entertainment technology on The events are renown as especially magnificent and opulent in the old World’s Fair sense of the words. The celebrations, held around the globe, are intended to celebrate and show the diversity of many different cultures. Education and celebration are the name of the game at Lovaganza, and it proves to be an unforgettable event.

Starting in May of 2020 will be the simultaneous occurrence of the four-month long Lovaganza celebration in eight flagship locations around the world; premiering in America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania. Experience a never before seen entertainment technology such as the glasses free 3d immersive films, covering the history, current times, and the possible future of cultures around the world. Included with the never before seen technologies, there will be breathtaking exhibitions and live events to make the experience in learning about cultures around the world even more engaging, allowing you to get elbows deep in experiencing the life of other cultures that this world has to offer.

However, you can get an early taste of the Bohemian Adventure in 2017. The special 2017 Travel Show of Lovaganza is meant to promote the 2020 celebrations, and the missions and goals attached to the great adventure. If that is not enough, the 2017 travel show will also include examples of the new glasses free 3d immersive technology, in every global location. This event will be followed by three main films that will ramp up to 2020, as the filming is already begun around the world in locations such as France, Spain, and the United states. These three major films are going to be presented in the Lovaganza traveling pavilions via new 3d glasses technology, and conventional 3d and 2d theaters.

Distinguishing the two main structures of Lovaganza starting with the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise which is the profit portion of Lovaganza, made to bring inspiration and wonder to the audiences of the world with the learning adventure of all the different cultures of the world. The Lovaganza Foundation is the other main structure being the non-profit, to show the positive growth and impact of the franchise while supporting global initiatives all over the world.

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