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Scientist, Businesswoman, Leader: Jeanmarie Guenot Ph. D.

Jeanmarie Guenot has been a business administrator for over 20 years and at present serves as president of Amphivena Therapeutics Inc. Never one to be satisfied with only one challenge at a time she works in commercial development, project management, venture capital, and stays involved with research and development in the pharmaceutical industry.


JeanMarie also has a company, Guenot LLC, that offers several high-level consulting services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms. She is well-versed and experienced in areas like licensing, finance, mergers and acquisition, and commercial planning.


Ms. Guenot is impressively well-educated, which CrunchBase shows. She earned an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and a Ph.D. from the University of California, San Francisco. Her resume includes training in physical and medicinal chemistry, designing specialized drugs, quantum mechanical and semi-empirical methods, and just to round things out, protein structure and prediction.


Jeanmarie Guenot began her blended career of business and science at Hoffman-La Roche (science) in preclinical research and development where she was identifying and developing drugs used to fight serious illnesses including those in the field of oncology.


On the business side, she was hired by Atlas Ventures to manage capital investments. In her capacity at Atlas, she focused on creating and incubating life science companies.


Between her time at these two firms and the moment she began leading the way at Amphivena, Jeanmarie founded and ran a company, engaged in high-level negotiating for other businesses, funded several startups and developed or co-developed effective drugs used to combat autoimmune diseases.


She is well-known in the industry and has a reputation for integrity, professionalism, hard work, and successfully leading large organizations.

Jeanmarie uses her scientific and business management experience at Amphivena Therapeutics to develop innovative treatments for hematological malignancies.


The firm opened for business in July 2013, with the mission to completely get rid of blood cancers like acute myeloid leukemia with a new therapy that puts the patient’s immune system to work destroying cancerous cells.

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Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Cosmetic Line Changed My Life

Makeup can be a gift, and a curse depending on how you wear it, and where you buy it. For me, makeup had always been uncharted territory. Having sensitive skin makes it difficult to try different brands of makeup, without ending up with skin irritations and breakouts. For years I watched as my friends in school tried out every brand, and shade of makeup from the drugstore without a single skin issue, while I had to read labels just to get a safe to use skin lotion. Even when it came time for prom, I had to sit out the complimentary makeovers at the mall.

This year I invested in some expensive makeup, that promised not to cause skin irritation, not only did I land myself a trip to the dermatologist, but a hefty bill to go with it. Needless to say my experience with makeup had left me with much to be desired, and I wasn’t ready to just give up. My company’s costume party quickly revived my search for a cosmetic line, that wouldn’t make my skin red and blotchy. I wanted to finally experience the thrill of enjoying makeup, without the embarrassment of weeks of skin damage. It almost seemed impossible, but just when I was ready to give up I made an amazing discovery.

One of my friends was reading an online article about Doe Deere, and her amazing line of bright and daring cosmetics, that were cruelty free and great for all skin types. Doe Deere not only creates her own cosmetics, but insists on wearing them herself before distributing them to her customers. When I looked into Doe’s insane social media following on youtube, I was instantly impressed and obsessed with her adorable line of cosmetics and her user friendly online store. It didn’t take long before I was placing my order, and crossing my fingers. Something about Doe’s personality put my fears to rest, and her customers all seemed to love her products so I felt confident in my decision to got with Lime Crime.

Once my first order of Lime Crime arrived I was hooked, I finally got the instant gratification of transforming into new person with amazing makeup. The next day was the real test, after an evening at my office costume party I woke up and my skin was fine. It’s been over a year now, and I am still breakout free and having a blast experimenting with makeup. Now I can recreate makeup looks that I’ve always dreamed about, without causing my skin to rebel. I owe my new love for makeup to Doe Deere’s Lime Crime cosmetic line, I will never be the same again, and I mean that in the best possible way.

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Marc Sparks Explains Why Academic Failure Doesn’t Decide Your Future

A lot of great people in the world were not successful academically. Bill Gates is the most common example who proves that academic success isn’t everything. Also, various people who were brilliant academically didn’t achieve greatness in life as compared to others. Marc Sparks is one of the people who was a C student but is now Timber Creek Capital’s head, venture capitalist, businessman and a successful entrepreneur. He is a success story proving that despite being average academically, people can still achieve greatness and their future doesn’t have to be bleak.

Here are some points that explain why academic failure isn’t the end of everything –

Dreams Achieve Success, Not Grades – Marc Sparks believes that in order to be successful in life, people need to dream big. Dreams lay the groundwork for success and instill confidence. On top of that, ambition and creativity are fueled by dreaming big. The most successful people in the world were big dreamers and Marc Sparks still dreams big. Grades and success should not be compared.

Dedication, Intelligence and Talent Can Be Missed By Academic Performance – Academic performance is dependent on a number of factors – ability to thrive under pressure, some amount of rote learning, state of mind, confidence, and so much more. Most of these factors are honed as people experience new things. Marc Sparks believes that traits like talent, intelligence and dedication can often be missed during exams.He, however, also mentions that people should try to see their grades as building blocks that improve basics and shape confidence for the future.

Development Depends On Perseverance – Perseverance is something that can make any person achieve the unexpected. People who don’t achieve academic success work that much harder for their dreams because they have not had everything easy in their life. It leads to growth in an individual because without academic success, hard work has to compensate for everything. Persevering to achieve something has never gone wrong for Marc Sparks and this is why he tells people not to let academic failure get them down.

However, according to Bloomberg, Marc Sparks also stresses on the fact that doing well academically would make the road easier for most people and reduce some hardships. It provides a great theoretical basis for life and smooths out the roadblocks. However, simply because one doesn’t do well in academics doesn’t mean that dreams and ambitions have to crash down.

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