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Eric Pulier’s Role in Business and Philanthropy

Eric Pulier is a businessman, author, philanthropist, and a proficient public speaker. He is also the founder of Tech Company popularly known as vAtomic Systems. Mr. Eric Pulier resides in Los Angeles, California where he also runs his businesses.

Mr. Pulier’s educational background and career

Mr. Pulier is an alma mater of Harvard University where he graduated with a magna cum laude. While in college he worked as an editor with the Harvard Crimson. Mr. Pulier also took classes at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He initiated his career in 1991 when he established People Doing Things, a firm involved in matters pertaining healthcare and education. Mr. Pulier later ventured into technology and founded the Digital Evolution Agency. In 1998, he merged this company with the US Interactive LLC, making it one of the best performing firms. Mr. Pulier is also one of the founders of Straighbright World, a platform that allows children suffering from chronic illnesses to network and share experiences. According to Mr. Pulier, his key to success is persistence and hard work

During his early years in the corporate world, Mr.Pulier was appointed to oversee the Presidential Technology Exhibition known as the “The Bridge to the 21st Century.” The Presidential Inaugural Committee made this appointment in 1997, and it also gave him an opportunity to participate in the Al Gore’s health care and technology forum. Throughout his career, he has helped set up other ventures, including the Media Platform, Desktone, and Akana. Mr. Pulier’s background in English and literature has enabled him to write various articles, including Understanding Enterprise SOA.

Mr. Pulier’s philanthropic involvement

Mr. Pulier has also been involved in many charitable activities and sits on the board of X-Prize Foundation and The Painted Turtle organization. X-Prize participates in solving humanities greatest challenges while The Painted Turtle Foundation offers camping retreats for children with chronic illnesses. Mr. Pulier role model is Peter Diamandis who is also the scientist, humanitarian and one of the founders of the X-Prize Company. He is fascinated by Peter Diamandis’ achievements in endeavors, such as the establishment of Planetary Resources, Human Longevity, and Singularity University. Bold and Abundance is the Mr. Pulier’s favorite book.

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Is Eric Pulier Legit or Just A Fad?

Many high profile individuals grace our presence on a daily basis. Unfortunately many of these people were extremely lucky to have such success in whatever field of work they’re into. Not to take anything away from these people, but many of them are overrated and never truly lives up to the hype. This is the world we live in and the 21st Century is no exception. Fads come and go with the season, but true talent is forever. In this case, the highly successful Eric Pulier is at the forefront of discussion and does he deliver on his promises or will he fade out without being noticed.

Eric Pulier is no fad or trend. He’s a natural talent that seems to get better with time. From programming computers, to creating computer database companies, and by touching people’s lives with his many talents is no easy task. This guy is the “Real Deal” and his extremely long list of accomplishments proves it. Eric Pulier has been taught at some of the nations most prestigious higher learning institutions such as (MIT) and Harvard. He’s written columns for prominent publications, donated hundred of thousands to charity, and has raised the same amount for his own personal ventures. Is this fad behavior? I would tend to think not sense he’s still going strong in present time.

Did you know that Pulier played a key role in Bill Clinton’s 2nd Inauguration? Pulier was specifically chosen, thanks to his many talents, to build and operate “The Bridge To The 21st Century” platform. This event was a huge success and was displayed on many of the top news channels for days. The event was attended by thousands and many of them were congressional members. Did you know that Pulier’s advanced technology allowed individuals to interact with astronauts while in space? That’s right! This live feed was unheard of at the time as it transcended aero-technology to the forefront. Pulier has achieved so much in such a small amount of time, but by having such a strong passion to create, more advancements are sure to follow.

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