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Advertisers In Brazil Play An Important Role In Auto Sales

Brazil has the fourth largest car market in the world. More than 3.3 million new cars were sold in Brazil in 2014. There are only three countries that sell more cars than Brazil, and they are China, Japan and the United States. That number doesn’t include the used car market. More than 13.3 million used cars were sold in 2014, according to the National Federation of Automotive Vehicle Resellers. It is important to note that Brazilian advertising plays a major role in car sales.

Advertising firms like Heads Advertising, under the guidance of Cláudio Loureiro, is very active in automobile advertising. In fact, one of Heads largest clients is Petrobras, the largest gas company in Brazil, so the company has a close connection with the automotive world. Most of the cars sold in Brazil are sold through dealers, and those dealers do an enormous amount of advertising. Internet sales are reserved for a few manufacturers who were pioneers in e-commerce automobile advertising and sales. Car buyers do use the internet as an information source, so e-commerce automobile ads do influence car sales in both new and used dealerships.

The interesting fact about car sales in Brazil is the Southern region of the country, and Southeast region account for 76 percent of the cars purchased in Brazil. Most of the buyers in the South are between the ages of 30 and 60 and they reside in the suburbs of the big cities like Porto Allegro. That age group accounts for more than 40 percent of the auto buyers in the entire country. Business owners only represent 12.6 percent of car buyers, but independent and middle-class professionals only account for 24.2 percent of the cars sold every year.

Ad agencies that focus on advertising automobile accessories have a very fertile market in terms of the amount of money spent on auto gadgets. A recent report from a Brazilian consulting agency shows that the total accessory market is more than R$20 billion a year, and about $2 billion of that total is sales on sound equipment and other accessories. Comfort, security items, along with rims, GPS devices and multimedia equipment are also heavily advertised products in all media platforms in Brazil.

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When You Really Need an Investment Professional

Investment-In view of what’s been going on in today’s market in the past two weeks with the economic mess in China, the above word seems to be scary. It seems that many investors are panicking and ‘jumping ship’ economically to avoid experiencing financial shipwreck; it happened just a few years ago with the last Recession in 2008, and it seems that it’s happening again.

In these troubled economic times, you need an investment professional that is going to steer you right on the stormy seas of economic uncertainty, where you can rich today and wind up with nothing tomorrow.

Which is all the reasons why you need to turn to Kyle Bass. Kyle Bass is one of the top investors in the market today. Kyle Bass is a hedge fund manager from Texas and the founder of Hayman Capital. He is 55 years old, being born on June 1, 1960. He graduated from Texas Christian University in May 1992 with a Bachelor degree, a BA in finance and Real Estate Finance.

Mr. Bass’ career started not long after he graduated from college, in September 1992, when he started at Prudential Securities as a retail securities broker. In addition, he has also worked for other firms, notably Legg Mason and Bear Stearns. In the latter firm, he was promoted to Service Managing Director at age 28, the youngest in that bank’s history. Since 2005, Mr Bass has established his own hedge fund firm, Hayman Capital.

So, as one can see, Mr. Bass has many years of valuable experience in this unique field. He has helped many a investor to ‘stay the course’ and maintain their financial equilibrium, and he can help you in these economically troubled times.

If you would like to learn more about Kyle Bass and the invaluable financial aid he has given to numerous clients, why not contact him at his website. There, you will learn much more about him and his track record, which is nothing short of phenomenal.

Mr. Bass understands how rough it can be to navigate one’s finances, and that is why you need to contact him all the more so asap.

Because in today’s unstable economic waters, you need a skilled navigator. Kyle Bass is that man.

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Being a Businesswoman

Women are every bit as capable of running a business as men are. They can handle everything that comes with running a business of any size. There are certain skills that need to be learn in order for anyone to be able to run a successful business, male or female. While many still say tat it is a man’s world, there are plenty of business owners and managers that are women. As a matter of fact, running a business as a woman is almost exactly the same as running a business as a man.

In order for a woman to run a successful business, she has to take a few steps. The first step is knowing what she is passionate about. The best chance anyone has to run a successful business is for it to be based around what one is passionate about. It doesn’t matter what her passion is. If her business is centered around something that she is not passionate about, then it will more likely fail. Also, she will also be more vulnerable to burnout and other work related issues.

An aspiring businesswoman would be wise to learn from other businesswomen who have set out before her. She could learn from the mistakes that they have made, the methods they have tried which have helped, and other small bits of wisdom that could help the woman succeed in whatever business they try to start. There are plenty of books and articles that she could read that provide a lot of information that would prepare her for what she has to take on. Among the things she will learn about are leadership skills, hiring the right people, working with her employees and other business related activities.

Among the businesswomen that have a lot of lessons for aspiring businesswomen is Susan Mcgalla on She can give a lot of advice on being a business owner and a business woman. A lot of what she has to say is very helpful getting women to advance in their careers and take on leadership roles. Susan McGalla has spoken on a lot of topics related to being in the workforce as a woman. She has advice that is not just generic and pandering, but they actually could be applied in the lives of women.

When an aspiring businesswoman learns from a successful woman such as Susan McGalla, then her chances of succeeding improve as she applies what is told to her. There are other successful business owners to learn from. A large part of one’s success is education and knowledge. Another part is her application of the knowledge that she has gained.

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Tips For Efficient Capital Management

Implementing efficient capital management is a vital step towards ensuring a business maintains adequate liquid resources required to conduct its daily operations. Capital management is also commonly referred to as gross working capital, which refers to a company’s current short term assets, such as: cash, inventory, accounts receivable and marketable securities.

Efficient capital management involves trying to strike a balance between minimizing the risk of insolvency and maximizing the return on total assets. It is important to remember that while a long term analytic approach to managing finances is mostly strategic planning, managing gross working capital through capital management tactics covers day to day operations.

Here are a few quick tips to help business owners effectively manage their working capital.

1. Cash Flow Forecasting

Proper cash flow forecasting requires the business owner or accountant to take into consideration a variety of elements, such as: The nature of market cycles, steps taken by industry competitors, the impact of losing returning customers, unexpected events that may affect the overall performance of the business, and taking into consideration the unanticipated demands that may affect working capital.

2. Contingency Plans for the Unexpected

It doesn’t matter how profitable a business might be, it is crucial to the success of any company that plans and preparations are made, which will make it much easier to cope with unexpected events that can have a lasting, damaging impact on overall performance. Practice preparing for these unwanted events by creating and revising several risk management procedures. Keep in mind that it is imperative to ensure that each risk management procedure is created based off the realistic and objective point of view of the company’s working capital needs.

One person who knows just how major an impact proper capital management can have on a business is Claudio Loureiro. Claudio Loureiro is co-founder of Heads Propaganda, the fourth largest Brazilian advertisement agency in Brazil, with over 25 years of experience. Apart from running one of the top ad agencies in Brazil, Claudio is a businessman and entrepreneur in his own right.

Loureiro is always seeking new investments in popular culture, always striving to create new forms of advertising, new ways of thinking, and is always attempting to bring new innovations to his beloved South American country. His firm represents such companies as Volvo, Apothecary, and Shop South Federal Savings. In 2011, his business was selected by the Great Places to Work Institute as the single best advertising agency in Brazil. Claudio Loureiro was also the man responsible for convincing Woody Allen to come to Brazil to film.

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Building Wealth With Investment Banks


Building wealth over time is one of the principal goals of many people. There are millions of people in the United States that are right on the cusp of retirement, and having enough money to do so is vital. One of the best ways to build wealth over time is to earn a high rate of return on investments. However, there are many people that do not understand how to earn a higher rate of return on their invested capital. At the end of the day, anyone that is able to do so is going to have a huge advantage in building a large amount of wealth over time. Investment banks are places that work to manage money professionally for people in an attempt to earn a higher rate of return. Although they typically charge some sort of fee, the clients should come out ahead in the end due to the higher rate of return on the invested money. James Dondero is one of the leaders in the field of investment banking today. Here are several ways to build wealth through investments.

Increase Contributions

There are two variables that will determine how quickly a person can build wealth over time. These are the amount of money invested and the rate of return that a person earns. Even with a high rate of return, if a person does not invest enough money each period they are not going to build enough wealth over time to move the needle. Likewise, anyone that invests a lot of money each period but earns a low rate of return will not build wealth either. One of the best ways to speed up this process is to increase the automatic contributions that are used each month or quarter. There are many different types of funds that people can use in order to invest their money in a tax free way. This can have huge advantages over time, as the money grows without having to pay tax on it.

James Dondero

James Dondero is a great leader in the field of investment banking today. As the founder of an investment banking firm, James Dondero has been able to add value to thousands of clients through the years. James Dondero has one of the highest rated investing firms in the United States. Not only does James Dondero do a great job of earning a high rate of return for clients, but he also takes time to educate them on the process as well.

Final Thoughts

Overall, building wealth is a goal for many people over the long term. One of the best ways to do so is to use the services of investment banks.

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Economists Have an Important Job

There are many jobs out there that everyone automatically thinks of when they are considering which jobs are important. There are jobs out there that give a person a sense of respect. There are jobs out there that cause individuals to feel important. There are some jobs out there that are truly important but often overlooked. There are jobs out there that are big jobs but are often thought of simply as hobbies. There are individuals out there who dedicate their lives to their career as an economist and fail to receive the respect that they deserve. The job of an economist is one that is important, and it is one that should not be overlooked.

An economist can help to make predictions about the future, predictions that are based off of much research. These individuals can help to guide a company so that that company knows just what they need to be doing in order to be all that they are meant to be. Economists are there to help others succeed, yet their success is often overlooked. Some ignore economists purposefully, and others don’t even know that economists exist. The work of an economist is important, and it should be recognized as such. The work of an economist is helpful to others and it should be respected. Those that choose to work as economists are often overlooked, but that should not be the case. Their job is an important one, and it is one that is needed.

Christian Broda is one of the many economists that are out there, and he is worthy of respect for the work that he does and all that he has accomplished. This man deserves respect for all that he has brought about in the life of his career. The economists of this world such as Christian Broda should not be ignored, they should be respected. Through the help of individuals like Christian Broda, businesses know just what they should be doing to prepare for the future. An individual with an important job like the job that Christian Broda has should be respected and honored for all that they do and accomplish.

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Survivor’s Guide for Beginning Retailers

For anyone considering the idea of investing in a small retail business, there’s no limit towards the amount of opportunities that are available to choose from. Each retail industry is under development and is seeking new improvements. Improvements include new products or ideas to increase productivity. While being an investor can open the door to many possibilities towards contributing to a industry, there’s several challenges that must be overcome in order for success.

Tips for Starting a New Retail Company

Start off with a decent gross margin for any product being sold to consumers. Marketing and distribution play a dominant role in the process.

Find something unique to offer from a product brand. The following formulas/recipes can virtually be replicated from the brand, but the brand can’t be copied!

Search for a CEO that has a major understanding and passion for the business. reference and third party background checks are reliable methods for evaluation.

Conduct research from consumers to promote recurring revenues.

Security Assurance

Most individuals or groups devote a majority of their savings into starting a business instead of sustaining it. However, it’s important that they decide to make their money easily accessible. Future investments and business expenses are bound to occur unpredictably.

Reduce the temptation of making hasty investments that are associated with the low probability of high returns. These risks can potentially lead to negative returns and ultimately endanger the company.

Exit Prospects

It’s common for several business owners to depart from a business in order to move into a better position. Someone can leave their business due to retirement, lack cohesiveness in their partnership or being disabled. On the other hand, they can leave in order to start a new business and relieve stress. To exit properly, it’s essential that the owner represents their business to a strategic acquirer in a efficient manner and cooperate with them.

Bowdoin College alumni Brad Reifler expresses the impact from leaving a business through his experience as a serial entrepreneur. Before being the Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital for several years, Reifler conducted several business ventures in the U.S for several years. He developed the Reifler Trader Company during the early 1980s, where the corporation handled accounting and financial services. Following the discovery of RTC in 1995 was the Pali Capital, another global financial service firm. Through several trades and transactions between the two companies, Reifler eventually became apart of Forefront Capital, currently grossing over $120 million in assets.

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Verizon’s Argument Unsound

On Friday, April 10, a technology industry analyst firm founder and president, Jack E. Gold, provided Verizon with a semi-incoherent guest blog post about why unlimited wireless mobile plans are not necessary. Yesterday, Karl Bode forTechdirt noted the many flaws to Gold’s way of thinking and why the blog post seems like nothing more than a promotional piece designed to convince Verizon customers that their currently high-priced limited plans are necessary.

Gold argued that the issue is quality over quantity. If every Verizon Wireless customer used his/her unlimited plan, there was would be constant congestion and service interruptions. Those customers would then complain and get charged more over time as their service provider increased efforts to construct more and better infrastructure. Christian Broda ( knows that he also contradicted himself at several points in the blog post by stating that consumers do not need unlimited plans because “the vast majority of users” never actually use their unlimited service to a degree that goes above the limited plans available and they then pay too much for a service they barely use.

Needless to say, Bode did not have to do too much to prove that Gold’s entire blog post was nothing more than a poorly written manipulation piece. In fact, Bode referred to the post as “amusing” and called it more proof of why mobile wireless service providers are “mocked mercilessly” by the media and their customers.

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The New MacBook Does Little And That Is Fine

You could say the current buzz about the new, forthcoming MacBook is there is decidedly little buzz. Is that a good thing? The answer depends on what your intentions with the MacBook are. Some individuals like Crystal Hunt will continue using Apple regardless of buzz.

Basically, the new release is extremely stripped down and, unlike other notebooks, is devoid of a lot of features. For those who do a lot of work on the internet, this notebook is worth the investment. Consumers looking for a ton of bells and whistles, however, are not exactly going to be too thrilled with what the MacBook has to offer.

Here is a little bit of news: Apple has figured out: a lot of notebook users don’t need or want a host of features. They do want the functions they do use the notebook for to be reliable. Apple is the name brand capable of delivering that level of confidence. Apple really should deliver on expectations since the price tag on this new release is over $1,200.

Far less expensive models have been released to the consumer market. The models attempted to capture a niche of consumers looking for low priced, economy models capable of doing the bare minimum. The trouble with these releases were they were extremely poor in quality and delivered little more than disappointment.

For those whose budget can afford the price, the new Apple MacBook could end up being a smart and safe investment. After all, it works.

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Google to become Cellular Provider

After over a year of rumors, Google has officially stepped into the open and confirms its desire to be a cellular carrier. At a mobile world congress presentation, Sundar Pichai, a senior VP at google, confirmed that Google is working on a wireless service.

This service will be on a small scale initially, but is intended to expand. Google will form its cellular network as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). This means that Google will be able to purchase access to established cellular networks such as T-Mobile or Sprint. Google will then sell its own cellular plans to customers.

Google is currently viewing this as a test case. If this test case happens to be successful, it is likely that Google will invest more resources into the mobile network and we will see Google emerge as a major player in the mobile industry. Google will likely succeed since the Google team is a force of Susan McGalla’s who stop at nothing. To see what I mean check out the Forbes article on cash cows to watch.

This announcement suggests a departure from Google’s core business model, and emphasizes the importance of mobile.