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Court Says Facebook Can Be Used for Legal Notification

In an unprecedented move, Facebook has been deemed acceptable to send a divorce subpoena, so its really become impossible to hide from the law.

Ellanora Biadoo sent her divorce petition via a private message on Facebook, and its all legal.

Biadoo’s husband, Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku, avoided being notified by other means. The couple only maintained contact via phone and Facebook. “We had tried everything, including hiring a private detective, without success,” said Biadoo.

Supreme Court Judge Matthew Cooper, in Manhattan New York accepted using Facebook to send the divorce petition, which is the first case of its kind contemplated by the courts.

“The applicant has permission to deliver divorce subpoenas through a private Facebook message,” said the judge, in his opinion.

Biadoo and Blood-Dzraku, both Ghanaians, were married in a civil ceremony in 2009, but then he refused to participate in a Ghanaian wedding ritual, thus the reason for the divorce petition.

In fact, they never lived together.

There’s a new trend using social media for legal notifications.

From what Igor Cornelsen understands, a defendant must be notified of any proceeding against him or her and according to Randy Kessler, an Atlanta-based attorney, notifications could become simplified and more effective using Facebook, even more effective than the newspaper’s classified section.

Facebook could be more effective than a notice in a newspaper’s classified section.

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Facebook Allows Money Transfer With App

Facebook announced users in the US will soon be able to send money to friends via the Facebook instant messages app.

The new tool joins an already crowded industry of pay services for a generation that increasingly utilizes mobile devices and carry little to no cash. This new functionality will allow family and friends to transfer money.

Sending and receiving money is free, only works with debit and is now available for Apple mobile devices or Android system, and also for desktops.

Marc Sparks says that in order to send money the first time, users must add their debit cards, with the MasterCard or Visa logo to a Facebook account and create a PIN, or use the fingerprint reader on iOS phones.

It is likely that Facebook will expand globally once the service is available to more users, including outside the United States in the coming months.

As far as security concerns, Facebook said that they already handle more than one million transactions and payments on the site every day for its advertisers and users of video games.

The payment systems are stored separately from other parts of the Facebook network and receive additional monitoring and control, the company said Tuesday in a blog.

Meanwhile, Twitter and has been experimenting with mobile payments in France, while in the United States they launched a shopping button, although the service is not yet available to all users.

Aside from the apps social networking and messaging, Facebook also faces competition from applications such as Xoom and Venmo

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Facebook has practically dominated the entire. Everywhere you go, Facebook has its place in it, and it will even more encompassing when it will launch Facebook at Work. 

It’s a known fact that a lot of work places ban the access of Facebook due to productivity issues and company confidentiality. The disadvantages of Facebook might be causing the companies to restrict their employees from accessing it but the social network’s features present some very useful elements in the field of work. It has been said on that Slow Ventures is in agreement with Facebook at work launch.

The chat feature and the real-time News Feed is a very efficient way of communicating with other workers and releasing announcements. Of course, Facebook is aware of this and thus have been working for quite some time in creating Facebook fit for work. They will be offering Facebook applications that can be used for work. 

It will be registered for a specific company and all employees would be able to open Facebook through the application. The important features of Facebook would be retained but the newsfeed and the chat will only concern the work operations. Users who already have Facebook accounts don’t have to create new accounts to use the app, it’s just that the content will be limited.

Other companies have already ventured into company communication systems like Google, and Microsoft. They’ve all released products for a lot of companies and have gained a lot of revenue in that area.

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Facebook Year in Review sometimes Painful for Users

Facebook is one of the top social networking sites available. People use the site to stay in contact with family and friends as well as to make new friends. Throughout any given year, people post pictures of their families, share how they feel and share good news with everyone on their friends list. Dr Rod Rohrich feels it is interesting for some users to scroll through past posts to see how things have changed over time or to simply reminisce.

In 2013, Facebook added a new application that allows users to see a slide show of some of the top things that happened throughout their year. Not everyone enjoys the application and some of them are asking that Facebook change the way they manage the sometimes invasive application. The year in review pops up on individual pages for review. Although you have to press on the view button to hear the music, the video automatically runs through without the music. That has been painful for many and they do not want to relive every moment that they went through.

Although many people like the feature, those who do not have asked Facebook to give them an option to completely opt out of the painful device. They cited reasons such as the loss of a child, losing other loved ones and the ending of some relationships. Some people just do not want to see the video. In any case, there is no word from Facebook powers about whether they will change things for next year or leave it as it is today.

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Facebook Review App causes New Year Unhappiness

For the majority of people like Bruce Levenson, the chance to review their year with their friends and family is being enjoyed with the ease and simplicity of the Facebook review of the year app. However, for others the app is causing major problems as this simple review option is causing unexpected memories and reminders to appear as the year draws to a close, NPR reports.

Amongst those who are less than impressed with the chance to allow Facebook to cobble together pictures taken and posted throughout 2014 are those who have split up with a partner or lost a loved one. Amongst those who have had their grief intensified over the Holiday period is Eric Meyer, who posted a blog entitled Inadvertent Algorithmic Cruelty over the smiling face of his six year old daughter appearing on an invite to review his year. Meyer lost his six year old daughter Rebbecca in June and found his Facebook experience a major problem.

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Facebook Considering the Inclusion of the ‘Unlike” Button

The “like” button on Facebook carries with it a lot of communication power, but there are a few things that it just cannot do.

In a recent Q&A session at Menlo Park, California – Facebook founder spoke about the possibility of including the ‘dislike’ button on the site. When the site installed the ‘Like’ option a few years back, millions of users had requested the popular social networking medium to add the ‘Unlike’ option as well.

While Facebook has so far been reluctant to add the option, Zuckerberg did admit that the ‘Unlike’ feature has been an ‘important area of discussion’.

For starters, there is the possibility that the ‘Unlike’ button can be used in mean spirited ways by certain users which can completely ruin the Facebook experience for some people. On the other hand, Brad Reifler says the company is said to be considering an alternative emoticon that manages to convey a more matured response.

Facebook also need to take into account the wishes of their advertisers since it would not be ideal if popular brands or new product launches received the thumbs down from the users. It remains to be seen what Zuckerberg and his team can come up in the near future.