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Fabletics Offer Comfort and Style

When you are thinking about the exercise clothing you are getting, you probably don’t look much beyond the style or comfort. You may think you can only get one or the other, but with a little effort and with Fabletics, you can get both.


How Fabletics Works

The way Fabletics works is that you choose a style when you are signing up and then you will get a new outfit every month. This way you will not forget to get great new clothing as well as having something that is stylish and that is comfortable without breaking the bank. You can change your style as you change and want something different, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.


Quality and Comfort

Fabletics has some of the highest quality items you are going to find. You can get these great quality items through your subscription as well as having the comfort that you want with exercise clothing. Every outfit is made to give you a comfortable feeling as well as looking great. The fabric feels nice against your skin as well as moving with you when you are wearing them. You only need to make sure you have the right fit.



After Fabletics had such success online, they moved to some stores in larger cities. these stores offer you a chance to see the clothing in person before you get it or to purchase other options you may have wanted, but weren’t sure you would like. Seeing colors in person and styles in person is going to help you to know what ones are going to look best on you and it gives you a chance to touch the fabric. This way you will know they are soft and comfortable for you.


When you are looking at Fabletics, you will want to take into consideration the colors you like and the styles you Loews. This way you will be happy with what you are getting and you will love the clothing you are getting every month. Take your time and try many styles before you settle on the one that you will be wearing for a long time to come.

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Whitney Wolfe Talks About Bumble’s Growth And The Strategic Move To Enhance Its Market Share

Whitney Wolfe is a shrewd entrepreneur. She is the founder of Bumble dating app. Wolfe used her experience in the industry to found the company, but with a twist. Bumble’s is the world’s first women-first dating app.

Months before founding Bumble, Wolfe knew she had the opportunity to make a name for herself. However, the dating up market was already crowded. She knew it would take a unique branding approach to curve a market segment for a new company in the field. After sessions of brainstorming, Wolfe noticed that no previous application had focused on giving women control in dating apps. To this end, she decided to use this game changing approach for her company. The success of this unique business strategy saw her being listed on Forbes’ Under 30 list. Notably, Whitney was a keynote speaker at Forbes Under 30’s annual summit, which was held in Boston.

In just three years, the company has become one of the most popular dating apps in the US and beyond. This growth has seen Match Group table an offer of $450 million for the women-first dating app. Wolfe’s commitment to growing the company to be the leader in the social networking industry saw her turn down the lucrative offer.

Wolfe notes that Bumble’s women-first branding and functionality separates it from the other dating apps in the industry. The entrepreneur notes that the application has given women the first ever space where they initiate conversations with their potential partners. According to the app’s features, when two heterosexual users match, the women can start chatting. This strategy has ensured that women are not pestered with messages from male users that they do not want to talk to.

As part of gearing to dominate the dating field, Wolfe has taken a competitive strategy against LinkedIn by launching Bumble Bizz, a Bumble add-on. This feature will enable the network’s users to create a professional profile, thus ensuring that they can secure business and job opportunities. This innovative add-on will make the app more than just a dating site because it shall be part of the user’s life even after one has found the special one.

Whitney Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble, a women-first dating app. Over the years, the company has continued to expand its market presence by adding more features like Bumble BFF for making friends, and Bumble Bizz for creating a professional network. In the recent past, the company’s headquarters were moved to The Bowie, a 37-story building in Austin, Texas. Recently, Wolfe tied the knot in a lavish wedding in Italy.

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Fabletics Marketing Decisions Allow The Company To Continue Their Exceptional Growth

Consumers make purchases based on reviews and recommendations which is the reason smart brands center their marketing strategies on consumer behavior. This is what Fabletics has done since their launch in 2013. Their growth exceeds 200 percent and their revenue is more than $235 million. Approximately 84 percent of people will trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation. Traditional marketing does not have the same power it once held and a companies online reputation has become critical. The top companies drive sales with their websites because reviews have become more important to customers than prices. These reviews draw loyal customers and higher search rankings.


Statistics from Yelp reveal an additional half star results in a nineteen percent increase in a restaurants business. Fabletics manages and responds to the reviews they receive online and have almost 30,000 reviews on Trustpilot alone. The users of apps has increased 26 percent in a year and 25.8 million devices have Yelp already installed. Trustpilot is one of the biggest review sites worldwide with a 95 percent customer retention and thirty million reviews. They receive 20,000 new reviews daily. Many individuals use their reviews when making purchase decisions. Fabletics places themselves in their customers shoes and runs their business with a combination of data and empathy.


When Fabletics was created Kate Hudson was approached because she was exactly what the company needed. Her personality, lifestyle and approachability were a perfect fit for Fabletics. Her involvement began on the first day and she was hands on all the way. She is involved with strategies, budgets, the design process, and the styles. She knows exactly what is happening with Fabletics at all times and she knows which clothing is doing well and which clothing is not making the grade.


Kate Hudson was responsible for making communication a priority with Fabletics. She made certain their customer service department was upgraded and became experts in service and she controlled the levels of inventory with a new system for data. Within eighteen months Fabletics scored a top rating with the BBB and their customer satisfaction rate was highly improved. This commitment was responsible for the exceptional growth of the company. The projection is $250 million in sales by 2017 and Fabletics has 1.2 million very loyal members. Although there are a lot of businesses who are leaving the retail world, Fabletics retail growth last years was 644 percent.


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Lime Crime Helps Users Stand Out From The Crowd

For many, makeup isn’t just about enhancing one’s physical features. It’s a lifestyle. People use makeup as a form of self-expression and a way to really show the world who they are. To them, it’s an art form. When people treat makeup as an art form, they need a variety of products to truly be able to express themselves. They don’t just want the basic black eyeliner and red lipstick that’s available from a drug store. They want variety, they want unique colors, and most importantly they want a product that is going to last.


Lime Crime prides itself on being a makeup line that is for those who love to be unique! The makeup line features a variety of different products including hi-liters, nail products, makeup brushes, eyeshadow, hair color, lipsticks, and more! The options don’t just stop there! Lime Crime features all different colors and styles. If you’re bored of your typical hair color, look no further than these products. The Unicorn Hair is sure to give you just the spice you need in your life! They have several different colors including blue smoke, chocolate cherry, strawberry jam, neon peach, and more! The dye is semi-permanent meaning you can switch things up when needed!


Another great product from this brand is the Eyeshadow Palettes. These have everything you need to create a gorgeous eye in one! You can get 8 game changing shades in one box! These help to create a grunge look which is partially the purpose of the brand! They aim to be that perfect balance of magical and grunge. It’s all thanks to the founder, Doe Deere. Deere is all about creating a magical look that makes a statement.


Finally, Lime Crime has a line of lipstick that is sure to wow anyone. This is perhaps their most talked about the product line and it’s easy to see why. There are so many different styles and colors. People can enjoy dark shades, bright shades, in everything in between. The Velvetines come in literally every shade of the rainbow. They are also cruelty-free and vegan-free

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Fabletics: a Fabulous Cause and a Fabulous Fit

Kate Hudson, movie royalty, decided that she wanted to play a role in empowering women to be healthier and fitter than ever before. So in 2013, along with her co-partners, she created Fabletics which is designed to share high-quality active wear as a strictly online subscription brand with all types of women in every part of the world.


She shares her most interesting and stylish fashion choices each month exclusively with each subscriber. By 2014, Fabletics was already expanding to Canadian and Europe, and by February 2015, it expanded into Australia. June 2015 saw the launching of the men’s line of Fabletics, and more expansion into Spain and the Netherlands.


As of October 2015, six stores were opened in the United States.In November 2016 on the upswing of all this success, Kate Hudson was featured in a Forbes magazine article entitled, “How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Taking On Amazon, by contributing writer, Paul Armstrong. In it, Kate details how Fabletics evolved and the reason why her product is booming on online markets like Amazon. She talks about how they turned online browsing into a positive experience for consumers by first offering their brand exclusively online instead of in a “pop-up” store. In this way, there were able to build a relationship with their customers and have found that the majority are returning to buy. Also, as brick and mortar stores are beginning to be created, 30%-50% of the customers already know the brand.


Now, Kate Hudson and Fabletics is pleased to announce the addition of Demi Lovato as a spokesperson. This new venture for Demi Lovato is in concert with their support for the United Nation’s initiative Girl Up, whose goal is to empower girls to succeed and grow into strong women and leaders all over the world. So, far, Girl Up has directly impacted nearly 56,000 girls for the better.


Lovato has lent her name and time to design her own collection of Fabletics activewear so that proceeds from the collection will directly benefit SchoolCycle, a partner with Girl Up and the United Nations. Lovato shares that being active is an integral part of her daily life, so it would only make sense that she creates a line of active wear that is not only fashion forward, but it is accessible for the consumer and comfortable to wear. The collection, Athleisure, will be a full line that includes leggings, jackets, exercise bras, and tops. Look for it to launch in mid-May 2017.

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Fabletics Fights Strongly With Amazon for Repeat Business

Fascinatingly Fabletics has beaten the odds in the online athletic wear business. Amazon mostly dominates the business of online fashion sales. They sell about 20% of all online fashion sales currently. Fabletics has achieved success in the online fashion sales world with an excellent plan.


1.) Showroom and Online Business Combination

Fabletics is one of the few brands who have begun to combine showroom and online business. They have recently begun to incorporate this into their business plan by opening a few brick and mortar stores throughout the country. This allows customers to view the clothing in person. They additionally hire people in the area, which allows communities to embrace the brand even more.


2.) Global Data and User Preference Data

The Fabletics brand uses a combination of user preference data and global data to get an idea of what consumers want. They create products that most people desire. Then they also allow consumers to take a personal preference quiz to get results of what they prefer shown to them predominantly. This allows consumers to have a personalized experience and a trend shopping experience. Consumers often like to get clothing they like the most with a few new trends thrown in once in a while. This is an even more personalized attempt than having a sales associate try to help you out when you aren’t sure what to buy or are overwhelmed by the amount of clothing in a store.


3.) Accessibility

The biggest thing of the Fabletics brand -and indeed the same goes for Amazon- is that the online marketplace allows people to access the products they want whenever they have internet access. This allows full accessibility for consumers. They can shop in the brick and mortar stores or go online to find what they want. The other good thing about this concept is the consumers who shop in the brick and mortar stores and can’t find their size are able to immediately go online on their smartphone while in the store to order their size. Or they can go home and order the product from their tablet or computer.


The Fabletics website is located at: ‘’. The next time you need some new workout wear for your running, gym activity, or yoga you should check out the Fabletics latest clothing options. Keep in mind that you can shop as a guest shopper or start a VIP Fabletics membership to get a reduced price for outfits.

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Halloween Cat Ears With Your Own Hair!

With Halloween right around the corner, you want to dress up as something, so why not a cute, little cat? Wengie said, All you need to make your own hair stick up like two cat ears are the following items:


  • Your Hair (DUH)



  • 2 Thin Hair Ties


It’s a very simple thing with very little required to do it!
The rest is simple, but be careful you don’t damage or pull your hair in any way or it could hurt!


  • Separate your hair into two sections and tie up two small sections into two hair ties


  • Poke the pipe cleaner gently through the middle of the pig tail just so it touches your scalp.


  • With the pipe cleaner in the middle, separate your hair into three sections.


  • Braid your pig tail with the pipe cleaner in the braid.


  • Using a bobby pin, fasten your hair in a bump shape onto the top of your head.


  • Bend the pipe cleaner into the desired, pointy shape to create your cat ear!


  • Repeat for the other side.


You can vary this by taking thicker or thinner pieces of hair to make your pig tails or adjusting the tightness of the braids. The tighter the braid, the neater the look.

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Kendall Jenner Relives Fashion Nightmare

Remember the saying “old habits die hard?” We are wondering in 2016 if the same applies for old fashions. If you have ever considered yourself to be trendsetter I am sure you are guilty of wearing fashion on Youtube that you would not dare come close to now and I am sure you even have a few throw back items in your closet(and by throw back I do not mean vintage but I do mean throw back in the closet). Whatever the case may be we all have fashion regrets and recently our favorite and stylish Kardashian (well Jenner) Kendall admitted that she remembers the time where she was obsessed with colored jeans.

“I had a collection of them and would wear them every day. I had to wear a collared shirt to school on, so I would wear bright jeans and an odd collar. It was weird!” Kendall recently told a magazine. While Kendall may be the only one to admit that she was obsessed with colored jeans she was not the only one.

Imagine how those in the 70s, 80s and 90s feel as they reflect on the past. Chances are they are petrified by the things they used to wear but that’s fashion in JustFab. The more things change, the more things don’t stay the same. What was cool an ago is a total bust now and what was trendy today in JustFab is a fashion bust tomorrow. No one can ever tell what fashion regrets await us tomorrow all we can do is learn how to embrace the fashion of today.

About Just Fab
JustFab which was one known as Just Fabulous before changing it’s name is a personalized fashion experience. JustFab was founded by Kimora Lee Simmons and was featured in it’s very own reality television show: Kimora House of Fab.

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Why You Need Lime Crime in Your Life

Trying out a new brand and company of makeup can sometimes be scary, especially if it’s a makeup brand that is completely different from any other that you have tried in the past. One of the major reasons to give a new company a try is because of the fact that they might offer a product that you absolutely fall in love with and cannot live without. Lime Crime is one such company that you may want to give a try just because of the differences you will find when using their products as compared to many of the others that are out there.

The Lime Crime company is still pretty new as far as companies are concerned, but it is growing very quickly because of its potential and the fact that it is totally different from some of the other brands that you might find out on the market. The main premise behind this particular company is its look into quality to ensure that every single product is going to deliver the results that a person wants for themselves. You will find that this is what makes Lime Crime stand apart from some of the other brands you may have tried before in the past.

This particular company is known for its bright and bold makeup items that you probably will not be able to find anywhere else. The fact that these colors are being made with the best quality ingredients you can find out there also makes Lime Crime stand apart from many of its competitors. There are tons of people currently making good use of Lime Crime cosmetics, and this might just be the line of makeup that is right for you and your own needs as well.

Once you find that Lime Crime is a great company to buy your makeup from, you will want to take a look at their site to see what they are all about. When visiting their site, you can browse through the many colors and styles that they have as well as search for specific products that you are interested in using for yourself. You can even send the Lime Crime crew an email if you have questions regarding their products or line of makeup in general. The Lime Crime company is also available on most social media sites, so be sure to follow them for the latest news in things being added to their line.

Once you discover the Lime Crime brand of makeup, you may wonder why you never thought to give bolder and brighter cosmetics a try. You will find that many of the colors and palettes available complement just about any look that you happen to be going for. You can try anything from their eye shadows to their gorgeous and smooth lipsticks. You will find that Lime Crime is growing in size because of its originality and the fact that it is a totally different company from others that you might be used to at the moment.