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Companies Slowing Internet Speeds

Have you noticed a change in your internet speeds lately? Unfortunately. Brad Reifler suggests that it might not just be your imagination.

According to The Guardian, several internet service providers such as AT&T, Verizon and Time Warner, have reduced speeds to several websites with high traffic for both business and residential customers in dozens of cities across the US.

In a study released this Monday by BattlefortheNet, surveyed 300,000 internet users and determined there was a significant decrease in speed despite the connections being provided by some of the largest ISP providers in the country.

This slowdown comes on the heels of the Federal Communications Commission agreed on rules to maintain net neutrality, including the rule that would keep ISPs from reducing traffic at their discretion.

ISPs have been outspoken concerning the FCC’s regulation. AT&T has been particularly present at the forefront in its opposition to regulation of their business attempts to corner the certain markets of communication services, such as their attempted merger with DirecTV.

Tom Wheeler, chairman of the FCC, has been more aggressive than former chairpersons when it comes to mergers in telecommunications. He stated at the Internet and Television Expos earlier this year that competition is essential to creating economic incentives that both help the market grows and provide service to customers are more equitable and ethical.

These reductions in speed seem to come at a curious time as telecommunications companies are preparing legal challenges to the FCC’s new rules on net neutrality. AT&T has gone a step further than their competitors and has decided to sue the FCC.