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Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

FCC Stands Against Broadband Data Caps

The FCC has been nothing but exemplary when it comes to dealing with big telecom lately. They are fighting against the status quo of the incumbent service providers to defend net neutrality and keep the industry competitive. Their latest challenge appears to be usage caps broadband providers like Comcast have been running trials on.

Internet Service Providers have long claimed that data caps keep their networks uncongested. This isn’t actually the case though. Most networks are robust enough to handle much more capacity than they currently host. It appears that cable companies like Comcast and Time Warner with ties to the dwindling income of pay TV are limiting bandwidth to cut down on video usage.

Companies like YouTube and NetFlix are the biggest threat to pay TV providers. Access to these services has been at the center of the net neutrality debate since the beginning. Data usage caps would ultimately limit access to these services.

Recent legislation has made broadband internet a Title II public utility. Infringing on net neutrality by imposing data caps would certainly be enough to get the attention of the FCC and linkedin users.

Many telecom companies seem to think they are exempt from playing by the rules. Tom Wheeler and company at the FCC have shown they are more than willing and able to prove them wrong.