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Agora Financial Solves the Investing Dilemma

If you are an investor, you know how confusing it can be to follow the market. After all, perhaps you were or are a professional in another field. This is what you know, not investing. So it’s tiresome to follow the differing opinions in finance, and it’s expensive to hire a broker and read full article.

The solution is use unbiased information. Agora Financial doesn’t get paid for their information. They have cultivated a huge following and are endorsed by The Economist, Wall Street Journal, and more for their coverage.

The way to get the most out of your money when you invest is to get in early. As you might have already experienced, if you wait until it is too late and everyone knows about it (when the mainstream media covers it) you won’t profit as much. That’s why it’s so important to have qualified people uncover chances early on and their Facebook.

For this reason, Agora invests $1 million per year in their analysts. While other companies might have their staff sit in the office the whole year, Agora sends their team around the globe. They scout out opportunities in Mongolia for real estate, Africa for gold mines, and oil and gas in the U.S. and learn more about Agora Financial.

Agora Financial has built a solid reputation over 10 years for delivering for their clients. They offer solid advice on investing in a lot markets. With over 20 publications, the chances that you will find that which you’re looking for is very high. They don’t just have free online newsletters, but also offline events like seminars. Agora is based in Baltimore, Maryland and is part of Agora, Inc. which has been in operation for decades and Agora Financial’s lacrosse camp.

Agora has over 1 million readers that take its advice. Luckily, Agora has been able to make their readers a lot of money. They have also helped them avoid major problems with downturns in the economy, such as the 2008 crash that they accurately predicted. Among other predictions are the gold rise, the oil spikes, and even investment in biotechnology. At every turn of the way, Agora has beat out the mainstream market in terms of information and timeliness and

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A closer look at David Giertz

David Giertz is currently the President of Nationwide Financial Distributors at the Nationwide Life Insurance Company. David Giertz became President of the company in 2013. Previously, Mr. Giertz was the Senior Vice President of Nationwide Distribution & Sales Life Insurance Company.


Nationwide Financial is currently based out of Columbus Ohio. The company address is One Nationwide Plaza Columbus Ohio.


Mr. Giertz also held a position for 5 years as VP of Sales with Citigroup Financial Services. Before becoming VP of Sales at Citigroup David Giertz was a Financial Service Adviser for the company. Giertz has always been a bright and ambitious businessman which has certainly served him very well throughout his career.


David Giertz has over three decades experience within the financial services industry. Mr. Giertz has help Nationwide experience exceptional growth during his tenure. David Giertz is responsible for a revenue growth of 6 Billion dollars in profitable based revenue.


*Business development tips:


Mr. Giertz created a number of advanced development workshops. These workshops helped other employees reach their full business potential. Implementing these workshops helped numerous employees reach top level management positions within the organization.


Giertz admits his business success lies in the ability to directly address customer concerns. Identifying the immediate needs of each client is critical in order to become successful in any business. In addition, David Giertz stresses the importance of client feedback. Client feedback can help an agent plan a successful business plan as well as strategy.


*Educational Background:


David Giertz received his B.S. in Business from Millkkin University. In addition, Giertz has a MBA in Business Finance from the University of Miami. He credits his success in business to his educational background as well as his business experience within the financial industry.


Mr. Giertz stresses the importance of maintaining a healthy mind as well as body. He is an advocate of exercise and healthy eating habits. David Giertz believes that you are what you eat, as simple as that.


Finally, without a doubt David Giertz is a success in more ways than one. He also believes in giving back to those less fortunate. Therefore, David Giertz continues to make sizable donations to various charitable organizations.

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What You Need to Know about Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is a business executive and chief executive officer of one of the best financial services and investment firms in Texas. His company Ascendant Capital LLC is among the top tier boutique firms that deal in alternative investment. As a chief executive officer, Jeffry Schneider has come a long way with over twenty years experience in the financial services industry.

Born in Manhattan, Jeffry Schneider bagged a degree from Massachusetts’s prestigious University at Amherst. Jeffry Schneider began is career in New York where he worked for several prestigious firms in the financial services industry including Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown, Smith Barney among others. Over the years as his experience grew, Jeffry made a name for himself as a result of his tremendous knowledge of alternative investment strategies and professional relationship with clients.

After founding his own company Ascendant Capital LLC, within a short period of time, Jeffry developed the firm into one of the best financial services and investment firm in the state of Texas. Under his brilliant leadership, the firm currently has a long list of clientele and large number of brokers, dealers and advisors.

Jeffry is a registered representative of IMS Securities Inc and an Investment Advisor Representative of IMS Financial Advisors, Inc. Jeffry manages all his portfolios with an innovative approach. Over the years, Jeffry has developed several tactical, operational, marketing and result oriented approach to deliver the best results in the financial services industry. He has a dedicated team of professional portfolio managers tasked with the duty of managing clients resources profitably.

Jeffry is an active member of his community. He is involved in the Camp Honey Creek’s Summer Dream Program which is a charity that benefits under-privileged and disabled children.

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Equities First Offers Better Loan Products To South African Customers

There are quite a few people who are in need of simple loans for their businesses or private accounts, and they do not wish to go to a bank for what they need. They will use Equities First instead of the local bank, and they will see their loans pass through the system quickly. This article explains how anyone who is interested in a large loan may use Equities First.

#1: The Equities First Difference

The staff at Equities First keeps everything quite private, and they understand their clientele has quite a lot of net worth. They are offering loans that may be quite large, and they will show the customers how simple it is to apply for each loan. Very little is asked of the customer, and they will learn quickly they may take as many loans as they need.

#2: Loans Are Not Justified On The Application

Equities First does not ask for a justification for each loan as they may not have specific purposes. The company prefers to help their customers manage their loans with as little hassle as possible. They ask for financial information that helps them make decisions, and they will not go any further with the client. The loans are funded when they are approved, and the closing may happen quickly.

#3: How Does The Loan Close?

Equities First will bring in a lawyer to help close the loan, and they will oversee the contract that lists the terms of the loan. The customer may go on their payment plan as soon as the papers are signed, and they will find it quite simple to ensure the loan will disperse its funds the same day. The customers gets what they need when they have completed their papers, and they may use the cash for anything they need.

#4: When May Customers Apply?

Customers may apply for their loans at any time, and they will find it quite simple to submit an application when they need. They will go through the process in moments, and they may ask for different sums of money on each new application. Customers and businesses often need specific amounts of money at different times, and they will make differing requests throughout the year.

Equities First ensures the customer feels they have been given the proper services for a loan, and they close quickly. The funds are dispersed, and the customer may spend as they feel necessary.

Visit for more.

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Global Lender Equities First Holdings Returns Shares of ANGLE plc and Concludes Transaction in the UK

Equities First Holdings is a worldwide leader in alternative shareholder financing solutions. The company announced that it had completed the Andrew Newland transaction of over $1.35 million in ANGLE plc’s shares. This was the first deal by Equities First Holdings as a collateral financial solution.

The three-year commercial facility, conducted in 2014, was one of the first transactions carried out by Equities First Holdings in the United Kingdom. The company acquired Meridian Equity Partners Limited during the 2014 summer. It was the rebranded as Equities First (London) Limited. It commenced its operation immediately after acquisition. Equities First (London) Limited is regulated and authorized under the registration number 605564 by the United Kingdom Financial Authority.

The return of the first client with the initial loan indicates that the company is in business. The founder and CEO of Equities First Limited, Al Christy, said that they had gained success through their subsidiary companies. They have completed over 70 transactions. They have earned the people’s trust in financial solutions.

Since 2002, EFH has provided alternative solutions to financial problems by supplying working capital against the publicly-traded stock. They have met their client’s needs. Equities First Holdings provides money against public exchanges and trading shares in the world. They have more than 800 transactions through their branches to deliver more than $1.5 billion in funding.

Equities First Holdings is a global company with offices in 10 countries including wholly owned subsidiaries Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Limited, Equities First (London) Limited, Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited, and Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited.

Equities First Holdings is one of the most advanced alternative financial solutions provider in the world. The company operates offices in London, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, and Sidney. It has announced the acquisition of Equities Meridian Limited. This is an alternative financial solutions provider based in London. The company offers solutions to highly-rated individuals in Europe, Asia, and Australia. It provides liquidity and attractive levels of investments to investors. EFH has an annual growth of over 30 percent. Its highest growth was experienced in 2015. The 50 percent growth set a landmark in its operations.

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Terry Jones Named President of Institutional Products at Highland Capital

Terry Jones has recently been named the President of Institutional Products at Highland Capital Management. Jones will now take on a very valuable role at one of the top investment firms in the world. In his new role, Terry will lead Highland Capital in its institutional allocation of securities and providing solutions for business development. He will also participate in the institutional sales for Highland Capital to help generate more clients for the firm and promote the many services it offers. As president of institutional products, Terry Jones will also oversee risk management for the firm and help evaluate any risks the firm may take.

With this new opportunity, Jones is very excited to part of a top investment firm and be in an important role such as president of institutional products. He has stated that the firm has a lot of potential in providing excellent investment opportunities for the firm’s clients. His new role will focus on helping clients identify opportunities and manage risks when looking to invest large sums of money. With a focus on below investment grade credit, distressed securities and hedge equities, Terry believes the firm will be able to satisfy their clients and help them get more out of their investing activities.

The individual who recently hired Terry Jones is James Dondero. Jim is the founder of Highland Capital Management. In 1993 Jim founded this investment firm after working in the securities industry for nearly 20 years. Dondero began his career in finance by becoming a trainee at an investment firm. He would later get other opportunities with more important positions which eventually led to him becoming a chief investment officer. After these stints, he would start his own firm and specialize in hedge funds, distressed equities and collateralized loan obligations. The firm has become a worldwide presence as well with office locations in Dallas, New York, Singapore, Sao Paulo and Seoul.

James Dondero first started in the securities industry by attending the University of Virginia where he studied both accounting and finance. He would graduate with the highest honors and then get his first job. Over the course of 19 years he would gain valuable experience and reach high positions in order to get the experience and expertise necessary to start his own firm one day. When he is not working in the securities industry, James participates in a number of charitable endeavors which include veterans affairs, education and public policy. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter for an inside look at Highland Capital and daily updates in the world of finance.

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How To Invest

Getting started in investing can be intimidating and tough. Most people are unaware of where to begin and that’s because investing can be tricky. It is essential to treat all investments like a business because potential it is. Investing in something efficient will let your money work for you. This is the key point to an investment. If an investment is not going to make your money work for you then it is not an investment that you want. You want to take the minimal risks possibly in order to receive higher pay outs. Investing your money properly is one way to begin to create wealth.

Even if an investor only invests small amount but continuously does it then it could potential turn into something grand and have a snow ball effect. This is wonderful news for the investor. An investor should know that they should never invest all of there money into something. Investors also need to know that any money invested can potentially be lost. Remember that even stocks that sore considered safe can dramatically change over time. Check into your investment needs because this will allow you to know what account that you want to have.

It is ideal to invest frequently especially if you invest money in a stock. This is because particular shared can be purchased for a certain price. If you are putting a certain amount of money into it each month it can lower the costs theta you pay on your shares. Thus meaning that in the end you generate more money then you would have if you invested infrequently. Investing frequently allows you to keep you with the market, too. You don’t have to be rich to be an investor. You can invest small amounts frequently to generate wealth. If you’re ever unsure about an opportunity, check out Igor Cornelsen’s Twitter feed for some helpful tips. Good luck investing.