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Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

Can you Afford a $170 Hamburger?

Motion pictures and popcorn or a shake and a hamburger are luxuries now that Venezuelans cannot afford anymore. According to Open Corporates, the stores are empty, no one is buying anything but food and necessities, even if they can afford it.
A 21-year-old man named Jose Figueroa, who makes a salary of approximately $35 a week, was waiting in line at a pharmacy with his family. They were waiting to see what was going to be deliverd because that was there only chance of getting what they needed, and they had no idea what the delivery trucks were bringing.

This family, like all of the others in the neighborhood, have been doing this once a week for as long as they can remember. There is no end in sight.

This is the option for the middle-class locals unless they buy from the black market. That is really out of the question for the common people, though, because the price is typically 100 times the normal cost.

Visitors to the country during this time will find that they cannot use a foreign credit card in all of Venezuela, so prices in foreign currency is going to be extravagant!

A sign on the street sold a hamburger at 1,700 Venezuelan bolivares or $170. This price is based on the going rate of 10 bolivares for a U.S. dollar. More information posted on