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This Is How EOS Rose To The Top

The lip balm industry was a perfect place for innovation and growth. Chapstick was long-held as the king when it came to the lip balm industry. Chapstick brand was created a century ago, and it is still used in the same way to this day. The creators of Evolution Of Smooth wanted to be able to create a lip balm that was going to be used by women. They wanted it to be a lip balm that had the look, feel, and smell of a woman’s product.

In order to create a lip balm that was going to be made for women, EOS decided to ask women about what type of product that they wanted. The creators of EOS wanted to make a lip balm that was distinguishable in the arena. The wanted their lip balm to be a part of a woman’s beauty regime. EOS found out what type of shape and feel would be best for a woman. They wanted the lip balm application process to be fun and enjoyable. EOS lip balm comes in a soft round package that helps to engage a woman’s five senses. The lip balms provided by EOS are all about $3 on Walmart and Target, so the price point is excellent. Apart from the shape, size, and price, EOS is made with all organic ingredients.

EOS was able to create an emotional connection to its product, and that is how they were able to dominate over a giant like Chapstick. EOS was able to land their product in well known pharmacies, and they also were able to market their product with many of the fashion female bloggers. A combination of media presence, a great product, and amazing marketing techniques helped EOS to rise to the top as the nation’s largest distributor of women’s lip balms.

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Your Ticket To A Better Life Starts By Getting A Magnises Membership

Even though Magnises is advertised as a membership for elite millennials, no one who is older than these group of people should feel intimidated about getting a membership to Magnises because everyone can benefit from the services and discounts that Magnises offers. Yes, it’s a fact that mostly millennials indulge in Magnises and become members, but even people over the age of 35, which tends to be the maximum age of most Magnises members, they also like to have fun as well. Becoming a member is very easy because it only requires a $250 fee for an annual membership at

Once the membership is obtained, just about anything is at the fingertips of the card holder. First, it’s important to get the card customized the way you like it, which doesn’t mean putting your name on the card because that’s already done for you. You’ll want to consider adding some of the lifestyle perks that are available, which comes in the form of passes that can be added to any membership to customize the account. Adding any of these passes can do a lot for the Magnises card holder, especially if they use the passes on a regular basis.

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Carded: What It’s Like to Own a Magnises Card

A person who has a need for the ClubPass will be able to use it each time they choose to go to a club. Although most people tend to go out to nightclubs once a week, it’s not unusual for a fun-loving person to find themselves in a nightclub several days a week. Using the ClubPass that Magnises offers is a great way to get reservations to a club if it’s necessary as well as being able to get through the doors. In some cases, it may be unnecessary to wait in line with everyone else because you’re a Magnises member.

A HotelPass is useful for just about anyone, especially if they plan on staying in different hotels in New York City or in other cities where Magnises has partners. The HotelPass can guarantee the lowest price for not just any hotel but luxury hotels. With The Dream Hotel typically running at $250 a night cost, those with a Magnises membership will pay the incredible price of only $79 each night. Magnises even offers room upgrades and more for their members, which makes having the membership all that and a bag of chips!

Utilizing the WorkPass can be a great benefit for anyone who wants or needs a co-working space in New York City, especially since they can get a desk at Alley, which is only known for co-working spaces. With the WorkPass, anyone can get the co-working space they need for the incredibly low price of $500 per month, and this comes along with other perks that can be obtained when a user has the pass. Magnises always looks out for their members and wants their members to have the best experiences, whether it’s professionally or socially, so get the fantastic Magnises membership today.

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