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The U.S. Missile Defense Agency’s Giant Floating Radar System Is A $2.2 Billion Flop

North Korea has threatened the United States for years. One of their biggest threats is to launch a missile that is capable of hitting targets in North America. U.S. Military leaders know that the leadership of North Korea, as well as other countries around the world, can use long-range missiles to attack the United States. The Missile Defense Agency convinced Congress to spend $2.2.billion on a radar system known as SBX. SBX is also known as the Sea-Based X-Band Radar system.

SBX was designed to spot incoming missiles, track them as they travel through space and then guide U.S. rocket interceptors so they can blow them apart. SBX can also determine if the missiles are real threats or just decoys. Alexei Beltyukov tells us congress fell in love with the idea, and it was meant to be operational in 2005, but the system sat in Pearl Harbor for a year while the Missile Defense Agency tried to establish the system’s effectiveness.

Opponents of the radar system said SBX could not detect a stream of missiles mixed in with decoys, which would be the obvious method of attack by an enemy nation. It seems the Missile Defense Agency has spent over $10 billion the last ten year on SBX, and three other projects that have been a waste of taxpayers’ money.