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How Jim Tananbaum has contributed to Mindstrong Health

Jim is a familiar figure in the health industry. Jim is an incredible pioneer with over 25 years’ involvement in healthcare and business. He is the starter of Foresite Capital. His motivation to start the association was the longing to merge segments of all parts of his career to make a remarkable venture platform.


According to, Jim centers on investment, operational, and strategic opportunities to improve a foundation and create a business in healthcare. Being the principal strategist at Foresite Capitals venture association structure and operational framework while accepting a fundamental part in a couple of portfolio organizations of Foresite Capital.


Before starting Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum set up two healthcare venture practices and two bio-pharmaceutical firms. Jim went to Harvard University medical and business schools. He launched GelTex Pharmaceuticals when he was about to finish his course at Harvard. The association acquainted two solutions on the market for under $80M. The group was conveyed in 1998 for $1.6 billion. About then, its first medication Renagel had an annual income rate of more than $200M. At this moment, the medicine makes a yearly pay of almost a billion. Another association that Jim helped set up and served; as CEO is Theravance, Inc., these two organizations have a joined market capitalization of $3.2B.


Mindstrong Health nurtures $14M from investors


Mindstrong is a startup company that aims at using smartphones to aid and diagnose in the treatment of neuropsychiatric diseases. According to Bloomberg’s report, the startup secured more than $14M in funding from investors. Foresite Capital, Optum Ventures, ARCH Venture Partners, and One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund led the series-A funding.


Jim Tananbaum, the CEO of Foresite Capital, praised the founders of Mindstrong for bringing an excellent understanding of the crucial challenges in which medical communities treat patients with cognitive health disorders. According to Jim the collective skills, leadership, experiences, and professional ambition of Tom, Paul, and Rick will give the world an excellent platform that modernizes and massively improves the way in which healthcare is delivered. Their platform measures the brain function by using the patient’s designs of typing and scrolling. It then gives information on mood.




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There is a site devoted to choosing the best health insurance plans. It;s this site that has made choosing a good premium so much easier. In spite of this site though, men and women need to be very selective about their choices. Sometimes the most advertised health insurance plan is not the best option.

So how can I find the best plan available?

There are some things to consider. Do not just buy into something because the deductible is good. Sometimes the deductible is the only good thing about the plan. I bought into one because of the price range. I ended up dropping the company due to the lack of helping out with my needs. Do not let this happen to you.


What are your needs? This might seem like a weird question; however, this is the number one question you should be asking yourself. Not enough people ask themselves this type of question.

Write down a list of what you need. There are going to be a few things you will want to have; but, do you really need them. Sometimes it’s best to sacrifice some of your wants for an health insurance policy, to get what you really need.

No one can plan for when they get sick. Sometimes life just happens. What will your insurance cover, should something happen? Look into your family medical history. IS there something you might get once you get older? Will you insurance back you when this happens? Some only say they will back you, just to save face.

Don’t overlook this part. If you have to, give a few companies a call. Find out where they stand on a certain issue.


Nobilis Health is one of the most efficient top-notch health care companies in business today. Not only do they pride themselves in technology, but also in patient care. Patient care is the most important factor in healthcare today; and yet, it is so overlooked. Nobilis is looking to bring back this underrated element of healthcare in a big way. Taking care of patients in a genuine fashion is not a new concept. What is a new concept is how to do it properly. So many patients are falling through the crack. Nobilis is looking to bring it back. Whether you are in need of their services professionally or are a patient, get in touch with them today.


This is another thing you have to keep in mind. What if you need to file a claim with your healthcare company? Will they be diligent in dealing with it? Will they put you off? I had a company who did this. It wasn’t until I confronted the company that their true colors began to reveal themselves.

Save yourself this pain. Do not go through what I did. Find out how they handle each claim. Based on what they tell you, this will narrow your choices even further.