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Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Compassionate, kind and caring. These are the first words that come to the mind of the family members that have an adult, senior living at the Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home. Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home’s takes their healthcare for seniors very seriously. Sussex Healthcare is committed to providing the highest quality service to the seniors in their care. At Sussex, we fully realize that selecting a senior living home is a very tough decision. We would like family members to know that we supply a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment for their senior family member.

Different Levels Of Care

Certainly, there are some seniors at our facility that are able to live a very independent life in our facility. They are able to carry on normally and do a lot of simple tasks themselves. For example, getting dressed, cooking, cleaning. Therefore, they require minimal supportive assistance. However, others require more supportive care. We would like family members to know that we supply 24 hours around the clock nursing staff for their special requirements and care.

Special Activites

It is important to realize that senior living homes vary in the type of activities that they offer to their residents. After 25 years in the health industry, Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home is the first to realize that the seniors need a group of activities to stimulate their minds and keep them truly mentally happy. This is a way to maximize their physical, emotional, mental, and social health. Therefore, we provide the seniors with a wide range of mentally stimulating activities. Some of the activities include fun quizzes, music, moving, crafts, and art therapy. Contact us for more information about our special activities for seniors.

Experienced Staff

We have an experienced staff that is kind, compassionate, and very caring. They treat the seniors as individuals and with dignity. The environment is very safe and comfortable for all the seniors. In addition, the seniors have 24 hour nursing staff to watch over the residents. We believe that Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home will enhance the senior’s life by providing the highest quality care, providing a safe environment, along with opportunities to stimulate their mind and socialize with other seniors.

Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home is here to take the stress off the family’s shoulders by providing a safe comfortable environment with full support for the senor. Now, is the time to make your choice. Contact Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home today for more information.

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