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Go Tell Goettl

As an industry leader in HVAC, Goettl’s has been the best in air conditioning and heating services for several years. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is unmatched. In 1926 in Mansfield, Ohio, the idea of Goettl was born. During the Great Depression, the Phoenix-based Goettl Air Conditioning was founded and became an internationally known sensation for mass producing evaporative coolers. In addition, Goettl is known for a variety of other revolutions in heating and cooling technology. At one time, the Goettl brother held over 100 patents.

Recently, Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air have officially merged with Goettl Air Conditioning. As a result, Goettl has gained over 20 new employees and increased their market share of the residential air conditioning industry. In the Las Vegas area alone, Goettl had acquired several other companies. Also, Goettl plans on continuing their expansion into Southwest Nevada. As a result, they will be taking over residential clients from Las Vegas Air and rental homes from Paradise Air.

The good news is former employees of Las Vegas Air were willing to merge with Goettl. In fact, the owner of Las Vegas Air believes that the merger will do great things for his employees and the local market. The merger has allowed these companies to consolidate their skills and services. Initially, Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air were only offering HVAC services. Now, these two companies will also be offering plumbing skills.

By opening up their services to the commercial sector, Goettl is sure to benefit. Goettl will be servicing their properties, strip malls and so forth. In addition, Goettl had also made past acquisitions of The Sunny Plumber and Desert Valley Desert Valley Mechanical. For over 70 years, Goettl Air Conditioning has been in business. Eventually Goettl moved to Las Vegas to take over operations.