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Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

Wessex Elibrary: Changing The Way Information Is Shared

Wessex Institute of Technology’s E-Library is an information hub that provides free online access to research debuted at the Institutes conferences and publications. The E-Library hosts 28,000 open access peer reviewed papers, optimum search functionality and all the latest research is available for download in PDF format. Areas of content are divided into seven broad subjects include: Engineering Science, The Build Environment, Information and Communication Technology, Ecology and The Environment, Modeling and Simulation, Biomedicine and Health and lastly State of the Art in Science and Engineering.

Based on, the E-Library is Open Access meaning visitors can view abstracts from all research free of charge. All content within Wessex Institute of Technology’s open access collection is also available for download without the need to login or register with the website. Research within the library frequently appears in prestigious reviews and publications making this concentration of free material indispensable for researchers and academics needing access to credible information within the given fields of study.

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