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Help Support Early Childhood Development with Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana is a former professional lacrosse player who was born in Colorado. He returned after playing professionally to share his love and passion for the game through instructional camps. Urbana co-founded Next Level Lacrosse camps where he helps prepare the next generation’s superstars. Urbana’s unrivaled talent on the field and highly competitive spirit is infectious for the campers who hang on to every word the former pro says on his website.

Also known as one of the area’s best pilots (source: Aviation Business Gazette), Urbana also actively blogs about lacrosse and other news of the world on WordPress, Twitter (@jonurbana1), and Tumblr.

Aside from his entrepreneurial ventures, Urbana also likes to give back to the community through GoFundMe and other platforms. Urbana is currently running a fundraiser on in order to help raise money for early childhood development. The fundraiser will go toward benefiting Colorado non-profit Bright by Three.

Bright by Three offers completely free early childhood development services to all children born in the state of Colorado. It currently serves 21,000 of the 68,000 children that are delivered each year in the state, but hopes to one day help every single one of them. The company focuses on children from newborn until the age of three because it is during this time that 85% of a child’s mental and social skills develop. By providing this development to children when they are at the prime age for absorbing it and benefiting the most this non-profit aims to give every child in Colorado the best start they could ask for in life.

Because the company is available at no cost it is run completely on donations. These donations come from a variety of corporations, individuals, and foundations, both public and private. A donation as small as $25 is all that is needed in order to provide a development kit to an interested family. Be a part of something bigger than yourself today and donate to Jon’s fundraiser on!

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Joseph Bismark Is An Inspiration


Joseph Bismark conducts business differently than most businessmen in the world today. He has a heart that is filled with peace and kindness, and he makes it a point to show respect to each person that he comes in contact with. He believes that that is the key to running a good business.
There aren’t a lot of people like that in the business world, or anywhere in the world, and I was happy to read all of that on Joseph Bismark’s WordPress. It is refreshing to see how much he cares about the people working for him. It is nice to know that there is someone out there who has a different way of thinking than most of the business people in the world.
Joseph Bismark tries to inspire people to take charge of their lives. He wants them to be able to think for themselves and make the most of their lives. It’s what he encourages his employees, and everyone else, to do.
Joseph Bismark has a lot to say on life and the mind and what you should be thinking and doing, and it was interesting to read all of his thoughts. He is a deep thinker. He is a man who cares. He is a good businessman. And, he is an inspiration.