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Vinny Parascandola’s Voyage To Success

With more than 25 years of experience, Vinny Parascandola is now the Vice President of AXA Advisors, LLC. His major roles in the company include managing sales, carrying out recruitment processes as well as developing new and knowledgeable specialists in matters related to investments. Parascandola’s career unfolded back in the year 1987 where he became an agent of a financial firm. This resulted in him being named the national trainee of the year. A few years later, he joined MONY Life Insurance Company. This was the year 1990, and this saw him operate on local as well as regional field management posts. All this had happened before he joined AXA in the year 2004.Before serving as the divisional president, he served the Advantage Group as the president. This was a component of AXA Equitable. The company had opened up a new branch in New York where Parascandola served as the co-manager earlier on. The office is approximately said to have around four hundred financial experts. Career development and Master agency are some of the awards that Parascandola has received over the years among plenty others. His experience and hard work not forgetting his intelligence have earned him a good name around the globe. With exceptional experience as an expert public speaker, he has spoken at various major conferences example GAMA’s national meeting among many others.

Mr. Parascandola attended Pace University in New York and attained a Bachelor’s degree in science. More than two hundred and fifty financial experts are products of his training in the central New Jersey area. Besides training these professionals, he has other responsibilities which include, recruiting and training new advisors. Monitoring profit margins is also part of his responsibility. Numerous organizations rely on Parascandola directly on the main issues pertaining finances as well as management. Past engagements mark Vinny Parascandola as a man of great achievement. He has a clean record from various organizations he has served at the managerial level. His scorecard has an upward moving graph. Due to this achievements, he has outshined many other competitors in the world of business. Uprightness and credibility top the list of his virtues.