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Visual Effects Change Over The History Of The Film Industry

In 1896 French filmmaker Georges Melies shocked the world with his accidental discovery of the stop substitution trick, which he would go on to use to great effect in the silent films he created. This simple use of visual effects has led on to the development of different effects and much later to the discovery of computer generated images that are leading to groundbreaking work within the field of visual effects. The use of computer effects is a major area of growth within the film industry and is now creeping into live entertainment at awards shows and in major stage productions.

Melies work can be seen as a direct ancestor to some of the major visual effects producers of the 21st century. Computer generated effects are now being used solely by some film industry visual effects experts and merged with more traditional techniques by others. Variety writes that John Textor has been one of the biggest supporters of visual effects producers of recent years through his work with Digital Domain and now with the Pulse Evolution Corporation. The appointment of Textor to the board of Digital Domain provided the company with a direction and boost it had required for many years. Textor repositioned the company as a visual effects specialist who won an Oscar for its work on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, before John Textor departed for the new challenges offered by Pulse Evolution.

The evolution to computer generated characters has been on the cards for many years and has reached a high watermark with the production of major characters in some of the top blockbusters of recent years. The work overseen by John Textor on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was so good that the work was nominated for a makeup Oscar despite the fact that the character was completely computer generated.

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Product Recognition Technology Is Improving Our E-Commerce Experience

The internet has brought so many things right to our fingertips. It’s incredible to imagine today, that to find something out about a given topic just a couple decades ago, we had to go out to the library and look through books called encyclopedias or consult a card catalog or look through microfiche to find any information. The internet, coupled with the personal computer revolution, then brought this world of information to us without having to leave our homes. Now, combined with the mobile revolution, it brings it to us wherever we are. One of the most sought after bits of information on the internet is about what consumer products we wish to purchase.

E-commerce is huge. According to, online sales in the U.S. passed $300 billion for the first time. The internet combined with the incredibly rapid spread of mobile technology has made it more popular than ever. The only thing that has been missing has been the ability to search for the products we want with images just as we have been able to do with words.

The one constant with online commerce has been that if you wish to find a product you are looking for, you have to type a description of it into a general search engine, such as Google, or do the same into a store website’s search. There has been pioneering work occurring in the field of image recognition, however, and this is slowly but surely making something called image recognition a reality. The image recognition company called Slyce is one of the leading pioneers of this technology, and it is changing how we search for the things we want to buy online.

Now, there are some stores online, where, if you desire to find a particular item that a friend has and you really like, you only have to take a picture of it and upload this picture to the store’s website. This is where product recognition technology developed by Slyce takes over. It analyzes the photo using sophisticated methods, and then the search brings up similar items or perhaps even the exact match if the store carries that very item. This type of product recognition takes online shopping into a whole new realm of convenience because sometimes it is hard to put into words how to describe an item you want, but now if you can see and photograph it, you don’t have to. Innovative technology companies such as Slyce are changing the world one day and one breakthrough at a time. They are currently working with over 6 of the leading retailers in North America to bring this capability to connect customers with what they want to millions of people.

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FreedomPop Has Great Basic Cell Phone Service That’s Free Of Charge

FreedomPop on has some free services that are given to those who sign up with the company. Not only does FreedomPop have services that are free of charge, but they also have some services that are low cost, compared to some of the other companies out there today. FreedomPop is a company that has Internet service, cell phone service, and they also sell electronics as well. The electronics that are sold by FreedomPop are cell phones as well as tablets. If a person chooses to sign up with FreedomPop cell phone service, they can bring their own phone, or they can choose to purchase a phone from FreedomPop.

FreedomPop has refurbished phones as well as brand-new phones that a person can purchase, and they must be able to be connected to the Sprint network. It’s possible for a non-Sprint phone to be transferred over to the Sprint network, as long as the person gets someone reliable to do the flashing of the phone service. FreedomPop has some of the best phone plans out there, and the free plan is very reasonable, especially since there is no charge for using it.

The free service from FreedomPop includes 200 anytime minutes, 500 MB of Internet, and 500 text messages. The text messages alone are more generous than some of the government phone plans that are available free of charge. Most government phone plans will allow a person 250 free minutes, no Internet service, and 200 text messages. It’s obvious that FreedomPop gives a person even more free service than the typical government phone that is handed out to those who have low income. It’s not necessary for a person to be low income in order to sign up with FreedomPop because it’s free to anyone who wants to join.

FreedomPop has also worked to gain more funds in order to help keep the services free because they understand how valuable it is to their customers. The cell phone service is crystal clear, and there are very few drop calls if any. Most customers can use the newest phones on the FreedomPop system, and if they need additional minutes or data they can purchase it through FreedomPop. Even with all the different cell phone companies out there today, FreedomPop is a good choice because of the free services as well as the low-cost services that are also available.

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FreedomPop Raises More Funding to Fuel Growth

Consumers that are looking for an alternative to the expensive carriers of smartphone plans, including voice, text, and data services, are seeing a lot of options pop up. One company that is making waves by offering free basic mobile service is FreedomPop, and the company just landed an additional injection of $30 million. The newest wave of funding comes at a time with the upstart company on target to boast one million customers in the United States, which is huge milestone for any business.

Since the business model of FreedomPop is built around giving away a certain amount of service for free and upselling additional minutes, data, and other features, the company is proving that consumers are open to embracing new types of mobile experiences. In fact, FreedomPop had to turn down offers from carriers looking to purchase it entirely. There was no word on what carriers might have been bidding on FreedomPop, but the company is also looking to another round of funding to raise close to $100 million, which would boost customer access and retail access for consumers. It would seem that the company is destined to field some serious offers from major players in the mobile virtual network world.

Of course, a lot can happen in a year. FreedomPop is enjoying growth in a market that has proven difficult to penetrate. While a complete selloff might be in the future of the company, FreedomPop is focused on building customer experiences and delivering value against the larger contract oriented providers. A lot of industry watchers will be keeping eyes on the management team at FreedomPop because so far the company has exceeded expectations. By using the latest round of funding to increase its already substantial growth, the company is proving itself to be an interesting option for investors and consumers.

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Apple Rootpipe Exploit still Alive and Well

The so called rootpipe exploit has been the bane of Apple’s existence for quite some time. The purveyors of OS X claimed their latest Yosemite release would fix the fatal flaw. Unfortunately, rootpipe is still an active vulnerability in the latest operating system update.

The rootpipe bug is a software vulnerability that allows users to gain access to the root account on virtually any OS X machine. The root account is the highest level of access available. Having root means you can do pretty much whatever you want, including stealing private data, installing malware and more.

Patrick Wardle claims he found a new way to exploit the bug in the latest operating system release. He says he has already made Apple aware of what he found. He doesn’t plan to release the information to the public in order help conceal the bug as long as possible.

Once the cause of the new bug is made public OS X machines will once again be vulnerable. Users such as Dr Jennifer Walden will have to wait for another full round of updates before they can be sure their devices are safe. This means that anyone running OS X will have to upgrade to the latest version in order to avoid the threat.

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The New MacBook Does Little And That Is Fine

You could say the current buzz about the new, forthcoming MacBook is there is decidedly little buzz. Is that a good thing? The answer depends on what your intentions with the MacBook are. Some individuals like Crystal Hunt will continue using Apple regardless of buzz.

Basically, the new release is extremely stripped down and, unlike other notebooks, is devoid of a lot of features. For those who do a lot of work on the internet, this notebook is worth the investment. Consumers looking for a ton of bells and whistles, however, are not exactly going to be too thrilled with what the MacBook has to offer.

Here is a little bit of news: Apple has figured out: a lot of notebook users don’t need or want a host of features. They do want the functions they do use the notebook for to be reliable. Apple is the name brand capable of delivering that level of confidence. Apple really should deliver on expectations since the price tag on this new release is over $1,200.

Far less expensive models have been released to the consumer market. The models attempted to capture a niche of consumers looking for low priced, economy models capable of doing the bare minimum. The trouble with these releases were they were extremely poor in quality and delivered little more than disappointment.

For those whose budget can afford the price, the new Apple MacBook could end up being a smart and safe investment. After all, it works.

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DNA Tinker Studio Puts Bio-Hacking in the Hands of Consumers

Imagine being able to create your very own living organisms that can do cool and useful stuff. That’s exactly what bio-hacking firm Synbiota claims to provide in their new DNA Tinker Studio.

Synbiota recently launched a crowd-sourcing campaign on Indiegogo to fund their ambitious endeavor. They are looking to raise about $10,000 to fund their new venture.

This is already Synbiota’s fourth such bio-hacking kit released to the masses. Alexei Beltyukov knows that a previous kit, known as the Rainbow Factory, allows you to create organisms that produce various colored pigments. A second kit allows eager entrepreneurs to create organisms that turn simple sugar into Violacein, a cancer fighting compound that sells for several million dollars an ounce.

The company compares the current state of bio-engineering to the computer industry in the 1950s and 1960s. Only big government and large corporations had access to the technology, leaving home users in the dark. The ability for an average person to create their own variations in DNA is sure to ignite a revolution much larger than the computer industry ever could.

For just $995 you can get your hands on your very own DNA Tinker Studio. The kit comes complete with web based software to help you hone your creations.

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FCC Overturns State Laws Restricting Municpal Broadband Providers

The Federal Communications Commission voted on Feb 26 to override state laws preventing municipal broadband providers from expanding outside their turf.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler had announced last year that he planned to overturn state laws intended to keep municipal broadband providers from competing effectively with private internet service providers (ISPs) like Verizon or Comcast. Wheeler had noted the ruling by the federal appeals court which overturned rules regarding net neutrality. He took especial note of a judge’s opinion that the FCC could preempt state laws concerning municipal broadband providers.

Nineteen states have passed laws forbidding or restricting municipalities from creating their own broadband infrastructure. Usually private ISPs have lobbied for such laws since they don’t want the competition. The FCC heard complaints about these laws from communities within two of the affected states.

The City of Wilson in North Carolina and the Electric Power Board (EPB) in Chattanooga, Tennessee, filed petitions asking the FCC to override the laws. Both municipalities offer internet service to their towns and have received requests from people in neighboring towns asking them for service. Unfortunately, their states’ laws prevent them from doing so.

According to Wheeler, states do allow municipalities to offer broadband to their residents — but also make them jump through a bunch of bureaucratic hoops first. Jason Halpern says that the lack of choices in internet service can force people to pay a lot of money for poor service, and it can force businesses to move to places that have better service.

Both EPB and Wilson offer excellent internet service, but they are surrounded by communities that have either one or no provider. Both municipalities offer gigabit service to all of their customers which means their customers get much faster internet service than people in the surrounding area do.

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Metal Gear Solid 5 News

Metal Gear Solid has become one of the most beloved game franchises of all time. Fans like Haidar Barbouti know that the original Metal Gear debuted over twenty years ago on the Nintendo console. Since its creation, Metal Gear has gone through many transformations and sequels. Metal Gear did not hit critical acclaim until the game was released on the Playststion console.

Metal Gear Solid was released in 1998, and it received great reviews. As technology continues to get better with time, so does the Metal Gear series. The Playstation 3 showcased the true potential of the Metal Gear series. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots was released in 2008 for the PS3. MGS4 received the highest ratings out of any Metal Gear game. IGN reviewed the game a 10/10.

Now, almost ten years later, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is set to release for next generation consoles. MGS5 will take place in an open world, a first for the Metal Gear series. New screenshots have been released onGamerant. The images shows the main character, Solid Snake, covered in blood. The bloody image of Solid Snake may lead people to believe that Metal Gear Solid 5 will be less stealth based than previous games. Whatever direction Metal Gear Solid goes, the fans of the series will be coming along for the ride.

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BRL Trust Helps You Manage Investments

When you need investment management assistance, BRL Trust is the only bank to use in Brazil. You may have investments that sit in stock markets all over the world, or you may have monies that you have inherited that you need to manage. BRL Trust is a full-service conglomerate that is going to help you at every point of the investment process. You can ask them to aid you in any part of the process, and you can ask them to hold your money for you like a bank.

The Brokers

BRL Trust has brokers that will help you manage your investments in markets all over the planet. You may be invested in the commodities markets in Europe, or you may be invested in the stock markets in America. Any combination of these investment options is easier for BRL Trust to handle because they have the reach to do all these things at once.

The Money Management

When you need to find a place to hold your money with a good yield, you can use the savings options through BRL Trust. As noted on WebNode, BRL Trust works like a bank in that it can use your money as an investment tool and give you a yield every month that you can use as income. This is a very safe way to invest, and it is a very simple way to invest your money.

At the end of the day, BRL Trust is a company that you will be able to use to handle all your investments. You can park your money with the company to get small dividends, or you can use their brokers to get help with investing in other markets around the world. The company is a full-service firm that does anything you need it to do to make your money work for you.