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The Best Five Star Hotel in the Remote Indonesian Island- Chris Burch Legacy

Chris Burch has taken a different entrepreneurial path even after being a founder and co-founder of some of the world’s largest and most successful brands such as C. Wonder and Tory Burch. He is also well known for investing in several other ventures that are thriving. His new route has been the hospitality industry where he is being recognized for developing the best resort in the world in a location that is unseeming, in the interior of the Indonesian Island. Together with hotelier James McBride, Burch bought a hostel on the Indonesian Island in a place known as Sumba back in 2012. A couple of intensive and high-end renovations has transformed the former hostel into the best resort in the world by 2015. Nihiwatu became the best resort in the world after its re-launch and was voted by travel and leisure as the best hotel in 2016.

Burch in an interview in 20015 revealed that he bought the hostel as a way of preserving something for his children and the community. He says that the beauty of the place makes people do things that cannot be achieved in other places. This explains why it was possible to build a swimming pool below a waterfall and also put a butler in every room. This one project exceeded the expectation of the business giant.

The Wall Street Journal explains how Burch splits his time in Miami, the Indonesian Island, and Hamptons. Nihiwatu comprises of 27 private villas including the Raja Mendaka, Burch’s private home. This section comprises of private plunge pools for each of the four additional villas to the main house.

About Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch established Creative Capital which is New York-based firm that specializes in investments and brand management. He is the CEO and manages the company with his co-founder Tory Burch, his wife. Christopher Burch has been in different industries where he exercises his skillful entrepreneurship experience. He has grown companies from zero to billion dollars in net worth.

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Recently, Chris Burch invested in the hospitality industry where he also came up with the best resort in the world with his hotelier friend. Developing a five-star-rated resort from a simple ordinary hostel on the Indonesian Island is quite impressive. Burch is both a family and business man with interests in philanthropy as well.  For Burch recent timeline activities, click on

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