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Desiree Perez Sees A New Direction For Roc Nation

You don’t need to look far to see how the success of Desiree Perez has worked out. She has managed to make herself and her brand one of the most popular and well liked in the music industry. We can now look at Roc Nation and realize what she is capable of. She has helped Jay Z produce millions of dollars and penetrate markets around the world. Now, she wants to help him maintain that growth and reach new areas of development. It isn’t going to be an easy ride but she knows how to handle things better than anyone else.

She wants to give Roc Nation the focus it needs to grow beyond the streaming age. We’ve seen some incredible growth with the rise of streaming apps and we now know the music industry needs to change how it operates in order to remain successful in this new age. Fortunately her strategies have helped Roc Nation develop what it needs to succeed and survive. Perez has worked with Jay Z for more than 20 years and she knows how to survive in this business. She’s taken her strategies and successfully applied them to many different areas without a problem.

Desiree Perez has certainly set out to give Roc Nation new life. It’s been amazing for the time that she’s worked with Jay Z, but she wants so much more than there is now. She wants to create a brand that will last through the years and give us something that we haven’t seen before. She’s willing to work as hard as she needs to give that to Roc Nation. Her work has certainly paid off and we can look everywhere for obvious examples of that success. Now, we just have to wait to see what she is going to do next.

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Winter Shimmer Is Magical With Lime Crime

While the velvety matte colors that Lime Crime is famous for are wonderful, there is something to be said for the shimmers and sparkles, too. With winter on its way, how will you sparkle and shine?


One way to add depth and shimmer to your winter make-up look is with Lime Crime’s array of Perlee lipsticks. They are the shimmer versions of their matte colors, so if you have a favorite matte color, like Salem or Fetish, look for the Perlee version, demonstrated on their Tumblr page.


Winter can leave you looking flat and pasty, so its a good idea to add extra moisture to your skin, including your lips. Be sure to exfoliate both and apply a luminous moisturizer. Apply your favorite foundation and powder as usual. Add a shimmery lip color and maybe highlight your eyes with a bit of sparkle. Add the appropriate amount of eyeliner and you are ready for a Holiday shindig with a lovely, luminous winter look that catches the eye.


And hey, if you really want a look that catches the eye, glitter up those brows! Yes, you can glitter your brows for a sparkly, magical look that just screams winter wonderland!


Lime Crime is your go-to makeup brand for any season, and winter is no exception. Whatever winter look you want to rock, there is a formula for you. Lime Crime offers cruelty-free beauty in unique colors and formats to help you achieve any look your heart desires. The makeup isn’t just pretty, though — it performs. You get long-wearing color that stays true and is kind to your skin.  Browse the new Metallics line on Naimies.