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Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

How To Take Advantage Of Google’s Love Of Wikipedia

Google loves Wikipedia; the search engine shows Wikipedia entries on the first page of search results for businesses, public figures and non-profit organizations, because Wikipedia is accurate and informative. The only time Google and other search engines don’t show a Wikipedia entry is when it does not exist. It’s difficult to imagine any business ignoring a chance for the coveted first page of Google, but it happens all the time. Either business owners are too busy to create an entry or they just have trouble formatting their text to match Wikipedia’s style guidelines, nevertheless, they are ignoring an important branding tool. This is where finding a Wikipedia writer for hire comes in handy.

But how do you know if  Wiki writers are reliable and the source of knowledge they claim to be? A lot of the guesswork in finding the right Wikipedia writer to create your page is eliminated when you go through a Wikipedia writing service. They will not only make a Wikipedia page for you that will be relevant, but if you get best service, they will get you to the top of search as well. But how do you find the best writing service out there, you’re probably thinking?

Fortunately, Get Your Wiki is an excellent resource for any organization that needs a professionally-created Wikipedia entry. It’s better for business owners to let an expert create their business page since Wikipedia frowns on any type of promotional content. Very few entrepreneurs can create unbiased, completely factual Wikipedia pages because they generally write content that promotes their business; it’s hard to remain neutral about one’s own business. 

Since anyone can edit a Wikipedia page, Get Your Wiki also monitors future Wikipedia edits. This is a vital service, because inaccurate and biased edits to the open-source encyclopedia’s pages do happen. Imagine an ex-spouse editing a public figure’s Wikipedia entry or a disgruntled customer or competitor changing the information on a company’s page. While Wikipedia does monitor recent edits using volunteer editors and bots, neither can catch every recent edit that violates Wikipedia’s guidelines. In conclusion, having Get Your Wiki create a professional, accurate Wikipedia page is the easiest and safest way to take advantage of the love Google has for Wikipedia.