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Dr. Jennifer Walden Treats her Patients with Care and Professionalism

Dr. Jennifer Walden and her team of professionals are dedicated to helping people look and feel their best. Dr. Walden is one of just a handful of female board-certified plastic surgeons in the country. She currently has a practice located in West Lake Hills, Texas where she specializes in cosmetic surgery. As a medical professional with more than 19 years of experience, Dr. Walden understands the the connection people have between how they look and how they feel about themselves. This is why Dr. Jennifer Walden and her staff always display an attitude of caring in a friendly, yet professional manner.

As one of the countries leading cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Jennifer Walden has been featured in several publications including Texas Super Doctors. Not only does she take an active role in her current practice, but she is also on the boards of several high-profile organizations including The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Her outgoing personality and friendly demeanor also provided her with the distinction of being the media spokesperson for both of these respected organizations. Her exceptional performance combined with her remarkable perspective of understanding gave her the opportunities she needed to rise to the top of her field.

Although Dr. Jennifer Walden currently has a practice based in West Lake Hills, Texas, she actually completed her residency at an Eye Ear and Throat Hospital in Manhattan. She landed that position after graduating from the University of Texas Medical School from which she obtained her Medical Doctorate. She also received the honor of being her graduating class’s Salutatorian. Dr. Jennifer Walden’s exceptional work has been recognized several times during her career. She has been the recipient of several prestigious awards including one from the American Society for Plastic Aesthetic Surgery and one from the American Medical Women’s Association.

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Capitol Anesthesiology Association Leads The Anesthesiology Field

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA) was founded in 1973, providing services to high-acuity hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and Level 1 Trauma Centers in the Austin area. They service places like the Dell Children’s Medical Center and Texas Orthopedics. CAA has grown to become one of the largest independent practices of anesthesiology-specialized physicians in the country. They are dedicated to giving the highest quality of care to over 20 medical facilities, with more than 80 physicians and 130 CRNAs (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists).

Each of CAA’s physicians is certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology or is in the process of getting certified. Many of them even have specialized in different areas of medicine, like pediatrics, obstetrics, and cardiothoracic. Their commitment to clinical excellence is met by their amazing 130-person CRNA team that supports their physicians in giving the best anesthesia experience possible. CAA is also a member of the AQI (Anesthesia Quality Institute) and uses education and data training to ensure quality improvement. This partnership lets CAA stay at the forefront of the best patient care, which is Capitol Anesthesiology Association’s ultimate commitment.

Being committed to people involves being committed to the community as well. CAA has supported many philanthropic organizations throughout the years, with physicians and CRNAs donating their knowledge and time to many organizations that help serve underprivileged areas all over the world. CAA has been associated with organizations like Operation Smile, Eels on Wheels, Austin Smiles, the Children’s Medical Center Foundation, Partnerships for Children, and Family Eldercare.

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Dr. Daniel Amen is the Authority on Brain Disorders

Dr. Daniel Amen is the among the best when it comes to diagnosing issues with the brain. He has been sought after by television shows, bestselling authors like Rick Warren and clients that want to benefit from his knowledge. He has studied the brain for years, and he has become someone that is very valuable to the world of brain health studies.

What Dr. Amen has done to gain such a huge following is study the various sections of the brain and analyze the very things that cause people to respond in certain ways. He has written about everything from Alzheimer’s disease to anxiety and depression. It all starts in the brain, and Dr. Amen has continued to look for the ways to resolve these issues. With the Amen Clinics he has been able to further his research and develop a lot of techniques that would help him become the popular psychiatrist that he is today. This is one of the reasons that many trust his findings on super foods for the brain and methods for healing things like ADD and depression.

Dr. Amen is very confident in all of findings, and he has found a legion of fans that have become engaged in practicing his principles. Many people have given testimonies about their success. This has been the motivating factor for him to continue his research and dig deeper into the patterns of the human brain.

Over the years he has published both books and articles on various things that affect the brand. He is well-known for his books, but there are also a lot of people that are finding his articles about healthy brain foods. With so much of the nation in an obese state this is the perfect time for Amen to put together a list of foods that are good for the body and the brain. He has articles with the Huffington Post, for example, that inform people about foods that boost brain power. This is one of the things that a lot of people have taken interest in because so many people work long hours. They find themselves exhausted, and they want to know what it takes to stay alert and stay healthy.

Amen has become the authority on disorders because he has had a long time with studying how the brain works. Mulitudes of authors have written on moods, foods and behaviors but they don’t have the experience that Dr. Amen has. He is a certified psychiatrist. This is his profession. His work as an author is simply a channel to relay his findings. He has the experience and he knows how the brain reacts to certain stimulus. This is why he is successful.

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Radiology – The Smart Approach to Cure

Radiology is a branch of medicine that lets a physician/therapist inspect the inside of a human body for illness diagnosis purpose. This involves X-rays and other procedures that produce still pictures of organs and bones.

Radiology uses ionizing and non-ionizing radiation to detect the presence of tumor, organ anomalies or other health conditions. The imaging technologies deployed, such as X-ray radiography, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI, Computed Tomography or CT as well as Positron Emission Tomography help see the human body’s abnormalities and let the physician come up with a proper treatment plan. Imaging is to create a picture of the dense object, that is body, using radiology’s radiation. Radiology is also referred to as clinical radioscopy. In fact, it plays a key role in clinical practice for a wide range of diagnosis. It is one of the minimally invasive way of detecting a disease or injury. However, modern day radiology techniques are more sophisticated than it used to be.

Projection Radiology

There are a variety of radiology techniques and Projection or Plain Radiology is one of them. This is a commonly used procedure in which the instrument creates a two-dimensional image of the object using X-ray radiation. Radiographs produced by beaming X-rays are useful to determining any issue with the patient. The inside of the patient will absorb certain amount of radiation depending on the density of various organs. The objects that are denser, for example bones, show up on the radiographs. Plain radiology is the only widely known procedure or imaging modality technique since the last 50 years and it still is. This technique is fast as well as affordable compared to many other forms of imaging making it the most preferred choice by doctors for radiologic diagnosis.

Interventional Radiology

Another technique commonly found in many hospitals’ radiology department for treating illnesses is Interventional Radiology. This procedure has been gaining popularity in the medical field recently. It is less risky, less painful, involves small incisions and requires less healing time unlike most surgical procedures. Some interventional radiology procedures are for diagnostic purpose only, like angiograms. Other procedures are more like a minor surgery but without the pain and side effects post treatment.


This is another branch of radiology where radiographic images are transmitted from one location to another for diagnosis. It is commonly used for interpreting emergency rooms and intensive care units.

About Imaging Advantage

Imaging Advantage is a well-known company in the medical industry that provides evidence-based radiology solutions to hospitals and clinics all over the United States. Several states have benefited by its technology enhanced systems for medical use including Arizona, Ohio, California, Illinois, Michigan, Texas and Oregon. The company has been offering a wide range of solutions related to their field of expertise, such as onsite staffing, teleradiology, practice management, sub-specialty coverage, as well as emergency department optimization to its clients for delivering the best patient care and treatment. Imaging Advantage is also a leading provider for physicians, imaging centers, trauma centers and many major hospital networks.