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Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

Microsoft Announces New Budget Friendly Surface 3 Tablet

Microsoft just announced the newest addition to their Surface tablet series, the Surface 3. The new Surface 3 will retail for $499, making it much more affordable than its predecessor, the Surface Pro 3.

The new Surface 3 will be similar in build but come in a much smaller package. It will sport a 10.8 inch screen compared to the larger 12 inch screen in the Pro 3. The new LCD touch screen will maintain same 3:2 aspect ratio and stunning visual appeal.

It will feature both a front (3.5 megapixels) and rear (8 megapixels) camera enabling you to shoot full 1080p video. The battery will last about 10 hours and charge using a standard micro USB adapter. It will also feature the kickstand and keyboard case making it possible to use it like a standard laptop.

Brad Reifler ( believes that the coolest thing about Surface tablets is the fact that you can run full Windows applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop. If you’re a Windows buff, you will definitely choose a Surface tablet over an Android or iPad.

The new Surface 3 will also come with the well received pen that so many have grown to love. It’s great for taking notes or creating your own works of art.