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Sawyer Howitt an Asset for the Meriwether Group

Meriwether Group (MWG) is a business acceleration and advisory firm. Its members include entrepreneurs, law experts and corporate executives. It offers consulting services on branding, licensing, distribution, acquisitions and mergers. For growing businesses, it provides exit strategy support as well as financing.

Its experts are dedicated to full growth of entrepreneurial entities. They examine all viable opportunities and weaknesses and objectively strive to guide every business through the industrial hurdles.

Its experts are fully expendable in providing pertinent services that are necessary for a speculated breakthrough and stick with their client in every step of the way.

Sawyer Howitt is the son of the founder and CEO of Meriwether Group, David Howitt, and his wife, Heather Howitt. He has one sibling, Hailey Howitt.

Currently, Sawyer Howitt is operating as a project manager in his father’s company. He has proven to be a significant asset by committing to business development across all scales. He has indefinitely focused and committed to the growth of the company through understanding and executing business management and analytical skills at his position of operation.


While entrepreneurship is fundamentally a risk, MWG commits to eliminating all possible loopholes all the way. They don’t just draw the plan for you; they walk the road with you. Experienced and dedicated experts get deployed in every critical section of your business to monitor every aspect from all possible angles.


For small businesses with great opportunities (as is the case with most entrepreneurs), MWG can give you the great lift – financial aid and expert exit strategy that they will actively execute it as an integrated part of your valuable system.

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MWG is well equipped to ensure that your entrepreneurial venture is not just another case study – slow in motion and threatened from every direction. They will give you a powerful kick-start for a fast-forward to stability and achievement.

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