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Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

ISPs and Net Neutrality: Betraying Customers

If you’re one of millions who have internet issues at home, you may have dreaded calling your ISP. Honestly, while many internet providers promise high speeds and satisfaction, many never receive what they are promised. Sam Tabar says that getting handed over from department to department is a fate worse than death, so what can you do?

If you are currently worried about your terrible internet speeds at home, there may soon be a major upheaval to call out shady ISP’s. It’s called an Internet Health Test, and it analyzes an Internet connection to find out if ISP’s may be violating the net neutrality rules by slowing your connection deliberately. This test was created by a site called, whose aim is to maintain a free unrestricted Internet experience for citizens.

From an analysis of 300,000 tests, Time Warner, Verizon, AT&T, and two other large ISPs are being accused to slowing data flow to dozens of cities. The net neutrality laws are supposed to entail no blocking of content on the net, no slowing down of sites, and no shortcuts for higher-paying customers. And yet this issue persists. Netflix had to buy a way out of the same issue last year with Comcast. What are we going to give as citizens? Even more of our hard-earned money?!

This subject is bound to implode at some point, and hopefully this will mean a fairer kind of Internet. After all, you spent your money on it, so why are ISP’s abusing their customers?