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Market America Miami World Conference

Market America stands out as a company that carries out internet marketing as well as brokering of products. They hold a couple of events within a year that people look forward to attending. The event is an opportunity for business minded people to network and learn a thing or two. Early this year global entrepreneurs flew to Miami for the 2017 World Conference hosted by Market America Miami. The aim of the event was to celebrate the company’s shopping annuity program. The program rewards consumers who purchase products from different brands and shift them to SHOP.COM. The spending habits of the consumer are then analyzed using digital tools at SHOP.COM. This has made Market America Miami the top online shopping destination. At the event new updates that the company had were made known to the clients. This included new technology, products and different strategic initiatives meant to grow the company.

The event was attended by the Market America Miami SHOP.COM executive team. There were also a couple of celebrities and successful entrepreneurs who showed up. These included the Grammy nominated artist Fat Joe as well as Scottie Pippen who is on the NBA hall of fame. Other people in attendance were Unfranchise owners most of which had reaped the benefits of being part of this team. Another event is going to take place next year. . It will be held at the American Airlines Arena which is in Miami. The event will take place on 1st February to 3rd February in the year 2018. It is expected to be as packed and as successful as the previous event.

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