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Reputation Management Fixers Offers Tips To Maintain Online Reputation

Reputation is everything in business, it’s your lifeline. Your reputation will either make you or break you and in most instances, a bad reputation will break you. It’s essential that you have a stellar reputation, but sometimes how your business is perceived is beyond your control.

As you grow your business, there will be competitors and individuals that feel the need to bad mouth or paint your image or brand in a negative light. For what reason, you may never know, but it happens and it’s happening with greater frequency.

If you don’t respond to negative attacks, the public perception is that they may be true. Staying silent or taking the “high road” and not acknowledging it only serves to bolster the intent behind the negative attack.

Here are five effective approaches, as recommended by one of the most reputable online reputation management companies, to counter negative publicity and attacks on your brand or reputation;

1. Maintain your character and a professional image. Don’t lower yourself to their level and get into a so-called “mud slinging” contest. Stay your course with your clients, sidestepping the negative onslaught.

2. Clients may perceive you as not being able to maintain your level of excellent service and becoming distracted if you are engaged in a battle of wits with a naysayer. Stay in touch with your clients, keeping them abreast of the situation and that it’s business as usual.

3. Divert the attention by providing your clients with “added value.” Keeping your client focused on their issues keeps attention on other issues at a distance. Focus on their needs and everything else becomes inconsequential to them.

4. Don’t go at it alone, seek advice and recommendations as to handle an attack on your reputation. Collaborate with others for a positive resolution.

5. Remain focused on your business plan, but plan a counter attack, in a discrete, professional manner. Consider the services of an online reputation management firm such as Reputation Management Fixers, to assist you in restoring or maintaining you public and online reputation. They can do more with their resources that allow them to bury negative search results and create positive media coverage for your company as well.

Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

His Brand is Crisis

Reputation is everything. Businesses and individuals work hard to create a favorable reputation through their deeds and words. But no one is perfect and, in the age of the Google search, one false move can change a good reputation to a bad one in an instant. When that happens, Darius Fisher is the person that can help.

Fisher was recognized by PR Week in their Innovation 50 for 2015, a yearly list that highlights the top talent in digital marketing and public relations. He co-founded and is president of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm that specializes in digital marketing and online image management. Status Labs opened in Austin, Texas four years ago and since then has added offices in New York and São Paulo. Fisher and his team at Status Labs specialize in managing online image crises for their clients, which include executives, politicians and Fortune 500 companies. In addition, Fisher works with them to proactively manage their online presence.

Fisher’s ability to turn image problems into strengths is best illustrated by his own ability to overcome negative public relation issues. His previous company came under fire for offering Wikipedia edits that favored his clients, which violates their editing policy. More recently Fisher’s partner in Status Labs, Jordan French, resigned after controversy surrounding the demolition of an East Austin business. His ability to maintain a positive online presence despite such recent controversies is a testament to his skill and illustrates exactly the level of service he is able to offer clients.

Darius Fisher graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University and worked as a copywriter and political analyst before founding Status Labs. Fisher built partnerships with public figures and Fortune 500 companies, which enabled Status Labs to rise to prominence so quickly and become THE premier online reputation management firm. His expertise in digital presence and online reputation makes him one of the most sought after individuals in the field.