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Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

The NSA Surveillance Program Is Unconstitutional But Edward Snowden Is Still The Bad Guy

Some people called Edward Snowden a hero. The United States government says he’s a traitor, and he should come home and face the charges. The former NSA analyst broke the law when he let the world know that an agency within the United States government was breaking the law. Boraie Development also suggests the law protects the unlawful programs that the government carries out in the name of national security or under the umbrella of being classified.

Revealing a crime committed by the government is a crime because Snowden didn’t go through proper channels to release the documents he took. If he did go through proper channels, the documents would have never been revealed. He acted the way he was trained to act; covertly. After all, NSA is a spy organization. They live in a world of lies, deceit and trickery. Snowden happen to beat them at their own game, and that is act the government can’t forgive.

Snowden won’t be allowed back in the United States. He may have opened the eyes of the world, but the doors of American freedom are closed to him.