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Some Easy Ways To Stay On Top Of Your Company’s Online Reputation

Before we delve into the tips on how you can look after your online reputation, we want you to be familiar with what an online reputation is and why it is important. The online reputation is the persona your company exemplifies on the web. It is the image people see and what they associate that image with that forms the online reputation of a brand or firm. The online Reputation Defender review is critical because it can directly impact sales. The online reputation of a company is even said to have intrinsic value. It is estimated that the reputation of a firm is valued at about four or five percent of the company’s total yearly sales. A majority of executives also say that the overall reputation of a firm depends heavily on the company’s online reputation.
One of the easiest ways to stay on top of your reputation is to blog and be up to date on social media accounts. Blogging lets you promote your brand while at the same time creating a positive image of your firm on the web. Social media avenues like Facebook and Twitter are a great way to interact with customers and get a following of potential customers.

Another tip is to have an employee or several employees depending on the size of your firm dedicate to monitoring the online reputation of your business. You can simply put someone in the marketing, communications or public relations department in charge of this. Depending on the volume of the reviews and coverage you get online, this task can take a few hours a week to being a full time position. If you are a sole proprietorship then you should try and take out time everyday or every couple of days to check the status of your online reputation.

The last tip is to be proactive when it comes to protecting your online reputation. Don’t wait for a negative attack or review to appear online to build up a positive presence on the web. Build up a presence ahead of time that highlights your business. One way of building up a positive reputation is to create a positive image and profile pages of top executives who represent your company and are the face of it. You should also encourage employees of the company to behave responsibly on the web.


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Reputation Management Fixers Offers Tips To Maintain Online Reputation

Reputation is everything in business, it’s your lifeline. Your reputation will either make you or break you and in most instances, a bad reputation will break you. It’s essential that you have a stellar reputation, but sometimes how your business is perceived is beyond your control.

As you grow your business, there will be competitors and individuals that feel the need to bad mouth or paint your image or brand in a negative light. For what reason, you may never know, but it happens and it’s happening with greater frequency.

If you don’t respond to negative attacks, the public perception is that they may be true. Staying silent or taking the “high road” and not acknowledging it only serves to bolster the intent behind the negative attack.

Here are five effective approaches, as recommended by one of the most reputable online reputation management companies, to counter negative publicity and attacks on your brand or reputation;

1. Maintain your character and a professional image. Don’t lower yourself to their level and get into a so-called “mud slinging” contest. Stay your course with your clients, sidestepping the negative onslaught.

2. Clients may perceive you as not being able to maintain your level of excellent service and becoming distracted if you are engaged in a battle of wits with a naysayer. Stay in touch with your clients, keeping them abreast of the situation and that it’s business as usual.

3. Divert the attention by providing your clients with “added value.” Keeping your client focused on their issues keeps attention on other issues at a distance. Focus on their needs and everything else becomes inconsequential to them.

4. Don’t go at it alone, seek advice and recommendations as to handle an attack on your reputation. Collaborate with others for a positive resolution.

5. Remain focused on your business plan, but plan a counter attack, in a discrete, professional manner. Consider the services of an online reputation management firm such as Reputation Management Fixers, to assist you in restoring or maintaining you public and online reputation. They can do more with their resources that allow them to bury negative search results and create positive media coverage for your company as well.

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Manage Your Online Reputation Like a Pro

According to, 88 percent of all consumers refer to online reviews when deciding with whom to do business. With statistics like that, good business management demands stellar online reputation management.

With the invent of computers, cell phones and tablets, anyone can leave a consumer review with a moment’s notice, but more often than not, the unhappy consumer is more apt to leave a review than the satisfied customer. That means the wise entrepreneur must protect his reputation promptly and regularly.

Use these tips to protect your online reputation:

1. Be cognizant of your online image. When consumers search the Internet for your business, what are the results? Do the resulting links present you in the best light? Would you do business with you after reading the remarks?

2. Monitor review websites, both those that cater to general products and those that specialize in your industry. If the traffic generated from a review site suddenly drops, odds are someone left a negative review that requires your attention. You do not need to hire a full-time employee just to monitor search engine results. Software, such as ReviewPush, provides multi-engine results and even offers email alerts about negative reviews.

3. Respond promptly and positively to bad reviews. Publicly, post a response asking the reviewer to contact you privately, and then resolve the issue out of the public’s eye. While the customer may not always be right, personal and professional attention will go a long way toward rebuilding the business/customer relationship. Follow up by asking the reviewer to post new and positive comments.

4. Give consumers reasons to leave positive reviews. You can do this by offering frequent customers a discount or a free product incentive to shire their positive experiences in reviews.

5. If the damage to your reputation is more than you can handle in house, hire an expert like Darius M. Fisher , president of Status Labs, to access the damage and create a full-proof plan to give your sagging reputation an online facelift. Darius Fisher has a reputation for the cleanup and creation of glowing online reputations for both businesses and prominent individuals.

Word-of-mouth can make or break a business. Make sure you maintain a stellar reputation by being your own best advocate.