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Online Review Websites Can Mislead as Well as Inform

Websites like Yelp can provide a valuable service to people. By writing up your experiences at a business you’ve visited, you can help others to either enjoy or avoid that same establishment. It may be a restaurant where the food, staff or both were so good that you just can’t help getting online and raving about it. Similarly, you may have had an awful experience and want to warn others away. Brad Reifler agrees that this already uncovers one problem with such reviews; they tend to attract the extremes. People who go out and find a businesses product and service to be ‘good’ won’t be as motivated to get online to write about it as someone who had a terrific or awful experience. There is one more problem with these reviews; they can be flat-out dishonest.

A Chinese restaurant in California was almost the victim of a false bad review on Yelp. A patron claimed that he had some unsatisfactory word with the staff of this restaurant at a particular time and that they would not seat him. The restaurant checked their own dropcam footage at this time and showed the customer had no interaction with any of the staff and simply walked out. This may have just been one disingenuous or peeved person, but it does point to a larger problem. Any competing business could have ‘friends’ put bad reviews for competitors up on review sites like these. I’m afraid that even in our high-tech digital age, there is simply no substitute for a referral from an actual friend for a good place to eat, rent a car, get your dry cleaning done or shop.

Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

Properly Managing Creation Of Wikipedia Pages

When you are editing pages on Wikipedia, you want to make sure that you are adhering to the style guidelines that have been set down by Wikipedia. They are very strict guidelines, and they provide you with a way to make each page read in the way that it should. Pages on Wikipedia need to be organized, categorized and factual.

The Categories

We caught up with the dues over at Get Your Wiki, who say that you need to make sure that the Wikipedia page you are making is in the right category. People cannot often find the right kind of information if the pages are not in the right categories. insists that this is a very important part of the editing process, and it must be done with care. When you are categorizing the pages in the right way, you will not have to worry about misdirecting people when they search the site.


All the photos on the site must be credited properly. There are many times when people use pictures online that have royalties or credits attached. You want to make sure that all the pictures on a page have the right credits, and you need to remover them if they are being used without proper permission. This is a copyright issue that Wikipedia takes very seriously. When you are editing, you can help Wikipedia avoid trouble by checking every photo carefully.


You want the verify all the facts in a story. The facts need to have links that state their original source, and they need to be put in a context that makes them easy to verify. When a reader cannot go to the source article for something, they are not going to learn anything. In fact, these facts may disregarded if people think they are false.

Follow each step to make sure your Wikipedia pages are edited in the proper manner.