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Gregory Aziz Values His Employees and Customers

Gregory J Aziz is the President and CEO of the National Industries Inc. and the National Steel Car Company. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and has ample experience in leadership. National Steel Car Company has gained a reputation for being dependable and reliable in the last 100 years when it’s been in operation. The company mainly deals with the railroad freight and tank car manufacture.

Greg employs several core values in his leadership qualities. First of all, he values and respects his workers as he believes without their input the credible output produced by the company would not exist. Moreover, he is a team player, who allows members to be creative and innovative in formulating new strategies of running the corporate affair. Greg Aziz believes that whenever workers are involved in the corporate decision making, they own the vision more and put in more effort towards goal achievement.

Greg Aziz also believes in innovation as he believes production is only relevant when it keeps on adapting new technology. As such, Greg allows the workers to come up with new ideas, which are often tested in the company laboratories. The ones that are found beneficial are adapted while the rest are improved by the corporate team. Moreover, excellence is a value, which is highly valued at the National Steel Car Company as the team strives to improve on their earlier performance. The Company CEO says that they never rely on yesterday’s performance as that would result in mediocre products.

Other than that, the voice of the customer is critical in deciding the qualities that need to be incorporated in products. The National Steel Car Company management believes that the product should be customized to its users’ needs and preferences. Consequently, the company always considers the customers’ voice as it produces new products. Happy customers increase their loyalty to the firm and they also refer others, making the National Steel Car Company the preferred choice in North America.

Greg Aziz main concern is the quality of products which the company releases in the market. Constantly, he and the managers in the National Steel Car Company often raise the bar to keep the team constantly focused on quality and excellence. Greg also asks the team to focus on their purpose, which is the production of quality tank car and railroad freight. Moreover, Greg’s respect for people is also evident in the good relationship between his company and his suppliers.


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The Influence of George Soros in the 2016 American Election

You probably saw, if you watch the U.S. television, the pink march movement that occurred in the public streets of the biggest metropolitan cities of the United States, in a protest against some of Trump’s public speeches, especially the one where he states his opinions on women’s rights, hence the pink clothing.

Definitely, not every American is happy with the current state of their country’s elections. Trump won by very few points, and Hillary still had the popular votes.

Some of his decisions are not pleasing the American population, and many powerful people are rooting and supporting the movement, George Soros, the magnate, and philanthropist, being one of them.

George Soros was one of the biggest supporters of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections. He did his supporting by donating huge chunks of money to invest in her candidacy against Donald Trump. Her campaign had many funders who were afraid of some of Trump’s public declarations and what he is capable of doing with that much power in hands. George Soros was one of these businessmen, declaring that “Trump is doing the work of ISIS.”

Why is Soros so afraid of the hate speeches of the newest U.S. President? To understand this, you have to go way back and analyze the childhood of the businessman. The billionaire and philanthropist come from a family of Jews, and he was born in Budapest, Hungary. There, he experienced for himself the advances of the Nazi Army against Jews of that nation when they conquered Hungary and were searching for Jewish families all over the territory.

As a Jew in students’ age, George Soros experienced censure in his own skin, and the fear of returning home and not finding his family was something that he felt every day, and same goes for his parents. The lack of freedom of expression hit everyone in the community. Learn more about his profile at

Because of this reason, the magnate was frightened of Donald Trump assuming the presidency of the United States. Not because of the new U.S. President roots for Neo-Nazism, but because, during some of his speeches, Trump expresses a profound lack of feeling for cultural diversity. The “Build a Wall” campaign is one of the philosophers around the world’s biggest fear, because of how it makes the American people have that feeling of “pure blood,” a sense that is very detrimental for a world so deep in the globalization.

George Soros, however, lost his bet, and despite investing millions of dollars in the campaign of Hillary Clinton, Trump won the elections. However, this is not the only election that the billionaire has influenced positively, as he was also seen in the elections where he tried to beat George Bush. He is an influential figure in political disputes all over the world, not just in the U.S.

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As a philanthropically figure, who is always donating to noble causes and dedicating his time to raising awareness about the importance of freedom of expression, he very deeply wants the world to be diversified and to embrace cultural diversity, be it sexual orientation, race, religion or country of origin. Read his profile at Forbes.

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Purchase Gifts On Skout For Charity


Being A Superhero In Real Life Means Helping Others

It would be great to have actual super powers. You could fly over the clouds and over your city instead of sitting in traffic. You could have the strength of a thousand men, or maybe you could have the power of immortality. All of the superpowers are interesting to imagine because your life would be entirely different. You can still help other people stay safe and lift their spirits if you do not have the superhero powers that you see in movies or in comic books. Superheroes are people that help people in need. According to a survey that Skout set up on their social media application, around 75 percent of people who were surveyed agree with the notion that superheroes are people that help people in need. Another statistic from this survey indicates that around 80 percent of people in the survey group would actually like to be a superhero in real life.

The survey that Skout set up was just one part of their celebration fro National Superhero Day. The celebration also included a charity to benefit a special, lucky person from the Make A Wish Foundation in the Greater Bay Area. The charity was set up through Skout’s application. Users in Skout’s community had a lot to celebrate with on National Superhero Day this year. They could actually purchase a special superhero themed gift from Skout’s application. People on Skout love to purchase gifts because they are one of the best ways to show other users that you care about them.

The superhero gift idea on Skout was Skout’s latest way of collecting money to help other people. Skout has done other charitable events in the past in order to help people in need. There is always a good cause over the horizon. You can help people in need even if you do not have a real super power. The thing that makes you super in this world just might be your level of compassion and understanding that you have for other people in the world. What have you done today for the rest of the world? Join Skout’s community for a chance to help others today. Skout is a great place to meet people, and make friends, and Skout has recently developed a fun travel app. Here’s PR Newswire’s original article about Skout’s charitable efforts.

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Being A Brazilian Lawyer Is Not Easy But Some Have Succeeded

There are very many lawyers in Brazil who have been wanting to do the right thing for the clients that they have taken on since they first began in their careers. There have been many Brazilian lawyers who have been trying to give their clients the best of service every day, and those are the kinds of Brazilian lawyers that people are going to trust.
Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of those lawyers, and he has proved himself each day through all of the knowledge that he has as a lawyer. He’s the kind of lawyer who has always been working hard to prove himself to those who are wanting to use his services, and he’s the kind of lawyer who has won many cases because of that. People appreciate all that he is doing for them. They love that he is working hard to get things done right, and he has gained many clients through the ambition that he has always shown throughout his career.
Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a man that cares, and lawyers who care about what they are doing are the kinds of lawyers that people will want to be asking to take on their cases. He is a Brazilian who has worked hard to get his education, and he is a lawyer who has been doing good things since the very beginning of his career.
It is not easy for anyone in any country to become a lawyer, but it is especially hard for someone in a country like Brazil to work through things and to become a great lawyer. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has made a name for himself through his ambition, and anyone else who shows just as much ambition should be able to do just as great of things with their life, as well. Whether someone lives in Brazil, or not, they should be able to make a name for themselves as a lawyer if they are just to be dedicated enough to all that they are doing, and if they are wanting success enough to keep going even when things get tough.

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The Crucial Importance of Online Reputation Management

Unfortunately, businesses are most likely to be hit with a negative review online sooner or later. And there are times when negative reviews can wreck havoc on one’s business. It’s unfortunate, but a negative comment on Twitter, Yelp, or wherever online can persuade people not to become a customer. Even when executives try to live under the radar, and be very private, unfortunately, the social media and other media outlets are watching. And as a result, anyone can misconstrue situations that can badly affect the business. So with that in mind, it will behoove anyone to be proactive to guard against the potentially bad comments. Businesses owners/executives must not concentrate on being so private, because their lives won’t be as private as they may wish it to be anyway. And also, it’s important to eliminate any bad online reputation that has been initiated.

The followings steps should be adhered to ensure protection of one’s business in regards to online reputation:

1. Building a Digital fortress- creating one’s content, instead of letting others do it, will go a long way to establish in the audience mind of your brand/business. Doing this is very beneficial before a crisis erupts. This should be done by creating compelling content to the website and blogs.

2. Optimizing Content- When optimizing content, certain questions should be adhered to concerning relevant search terms, insights to offer, the passionate project, etc.

3. Realizing that Privacy can’t Truly be Established- Businesses owners/executives must not concentrate on being so private, because their lives won’t be as private as they may wish it to be anyway. Many times, professionals in certain industries, like private equity firms, hedge funds, and investment funds, try to remain under the radar to elude the competition, or for other reasons. However, more people are searching more about businesses and their executives before deciding rather or not to become their customer. Besides, being anonymous can be hurtful to businesses which can lead to negative press, or a negative perception.

4. Thinking beyond the Business- With content, it’s important to include relevant things outside the business, like charities, for instance. Including such passions will make the business more humanizing and more engaging to potential customers.

5. Also Focusing on Management- Key management within the business are normally focused on, especially in certain industries. Studies have shown how searches of executives have increased up to 50 percent than in previous years. Even if the executives do not participate in social media, they are still being watched.

For more assistance with such matters, an outstanding professional in PR, digital marketing, and online reputation management named Darius Fisher is the one to turn to. He is the cofounder and president of Status Labs that is headquartered in Austin, TX. This online reputation management, public relations, and digital marketing firm started four years ago, and it has already grown significantly. Darius has grown a staff of 30, and he has expanded in New York and in Sao Paulo. This is because Fisher is that outstanding in helping over 1,500 clients globally to regain/maintain their online reputation, digital marketing, and public relation needs.

He empathizes and cares for his clients, because he was once in their shoes. Even though he wasn’t involved, he witnessed the unfortunate outcome of former companies and former colleagues.

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Guidelines for the Best Experience While Dating Online

Finding a partner is fun with the introduction of online dating. The internet has opened up doors for many things and among them online dating has been facilitated heavily. More websites and applications have been developed to offer users a better experience while searching for love online. Getting the right partner, especially for shy individuals, has become easier. It only takes internet and some few minutes to search through different profiles online. Each website offers different features that allow members to have easy time while searching for the right partners online. However, one needs to follow some guidelines for the best experience. Here are tips that allow one to understand how to use online dating platforms for the best results.

The first rule that any person needs to understand is that it is not right to give too much information within a short period of time. A person may be having a beautiful profile that is filled with intellectual details only to turn a scammer later. This means it is necessary to verify all details that are provided online to ensure you are dealing with a reliable person. Most importantly, it is necessary to request for a video call as this helps to confirm whether the person is legit and truthful as highlighted on the profile.

Rejections happen anywhere including online dating websites. Joining these platforms does not guarantee that one will get approvals even for the first attempt. It can happen the other person wants some specific criteria, which you may lack. So, before going online, it is advisable to embrace preparedness for rejections as this happens very often. Getting a rejection does not imply one is not fine. It only implies there are no matching characteristics between the two people. Remember people online offer more strict criteria and expect exact characteristics.

Choosing the right website is another consideration. Despite the fact there are hundreds of websites that offer online dating, choosing the best platform can turn out challenging. Anastasia Date has been verified by many as a legit website for online dating and many people have been lucky to find love through the platform. Anastasia Dates offers many features and customization options that allow members to have an enjoyable experience using the platform. It is among the best websites for online dating considering they also take new members through the system to educate them about different features available.

Anastasia Date has also created a reliable mobile application that offers all features available on the platform. This has made it easier for members to connect with each other. Finding users on the platform is also easier through the use of different sort features that are made available on the platform.

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Igor Cornelsen believes Brazil’s future looks bright

Investment opportunities tend to come along in similar ways for most people who simply look at what is available in their local area for investing in. The arrival of the Internet and high speed data supply has made it easier than ever to make investments in various areas of the world and monitor them from your home without an issue of lost time or slow data transfers leaving an investor open to losses. Financial expert Igor Conrnelsen has recently been singing the praises of the investment opportunities in Brazil, an area he has been guiding investors using his Bainbridge Investments group towards for a number of years.

The owner and founder of Bainbridge Investments sees the world’s eighth largest economy as a great opportunity that has been ignored by North American and European investors for far too long. Cornelsen describes his position as being the choice of Brazil as an easy one because of the largely stable government and the large areas of production that remain within the economy even after the economic downturn of the first part of the 21st century. Through his work as an international financial advisor, Igor Cornelson, has found himself studying the economies of the world and deciding Brazil makes a large amount of sense for investors who are looking for a way of expanding their horizons.

The appointment of a US educated financial minister at the end of 2014 was also seen by Cornelsen as a good sign that the economy was to remain stable and could see an impressive period of growth ahead. Brazil is also seeing something of an influx of visitors and investors spurred on by the arrival of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. Cornelsen also states investors are impressed by strong trade links being by Brazil with a group of leading nations, including China that should see its trading options increase as the years pass.

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Criminal Responds to His Own Facebook ‘Wanted’ Ad; Captured

 Andrew Dale Marcum will tell you that he loves social media. He loves it so much, in fact, he couldn’t help himself when seeing his photo posted on a ‘Wanted’ site on Facebook. After responding to the ad, police officials in Ohio arrested Marcum on a series of outstanding warrants, including burglary charges.

Marcum responded to the ‘Wanted’ ad on the Facebook post with the comment “I ain’t trippin’. Half of them don’t even know me.” Butler County police officials responded by inviting Marcum to ‘come on down’ to the police station. A picture of Marcum’s new ‘living arrangements’ was even posted on their Facebook page. Eventually Marcum turned himself in to Butler County police officials, where a teary-eyed mug shot shows that even hardened criminals like Marcum can become a bit emotional when ‘moving’ to their new ‘home away from home.’
It seems that police officials in at least one Ohio county is making good use of their social media accounts, and having a lot of fun while they’re at it. Oh thank you to the power of social media, and sites like and my friend Ricardo Guimarães who works at BMG adds-AND cocky criminals. Ha. We’re almost certain that Marcum is wishing that he had not checked his FB newsfeed that day.
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Technological Entrepreneur Bruce Levenson Continues to Create Innovative Solutions to Better the World

Bruce Levenson is a well educated man who has created an empire with his knowledge, skill, and beliefs as a philanthropist. Focusing his efforts on the issues and solutions that plague the common person, he has made life easier for a great number of people over the past 40 years.

Bruce grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland although he was born in Washington, DC. Bruce is married to Karen Levenson and they have three children. All of his children are boys. Bruce Levenson received his higher education from the Washington University which is located in St. Louis. He then attended American University where he studied law. During his time at American University he began his workings as a writer. His journalism career began at the Washington Star newspaper.

Bruce has initiated many different programs to help his fellow humans in a number of different areas. He has been an adviser to the private equity firm BIA Digital Partners and he was on the Board of Directors of the NEPA (Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association). He was recognized in 1977 for his work with Ed Peskowitz at UCG by being inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Software and Information Industry Association.

Along with his work at the University, he has created a program at the U.S. Holocaust Museum for students of inner city backgrounds to teach them of the history of the holocaust and gives them tour guide training for the museum. Bruce Levenson is a founding donor of this museum as well as a major donator to the Seeds of Peace and the SEED Foundation.

Currently he is part of the United Communications Group. His other business dealings include being a founding partner of the Atlanta Hawks LLC. He is currently the Managing Director and major partner of the organization and the Phillips Arena. Since 2004 he has held the position as the Hawks’ Governor on the NBA Board of Governors. In 1977 he co-founded the United Communications Group. His business dealings include being a founding board member of a media company called TechTarget NASDAQ. It is listed as TTGT in the trading industry.

His wife has worked with him on projects such as the creation of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. This program provided at the University of Maryland is targeted at teaching the inner city students the fundamentals of running nonprofit organizations with success.

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Christopher Cowdray and The Dorchester Collection: Supreme Hotel Management

In 2007, Christopher Cowdray became Chief Executive Officer of The Dorchester Collection. With experience in managing luxury hotels in England, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, Cowdray brought 30 years of executive international hotel experience with him,

He came with the vision of Dorchester Collection being the supreme hotel management system. Already, The Dorchester Collection had 5 hotels in Europe that symbolized cultural and class. Today, following their plans of expanding into the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas, they’ve added 5 more to their parade of excellence.

The Dorchester Collection carries with it a reputation for unrivaled fashion. They’re not a group of cookie-cutter accommodations. The design of each hotel snuggles into their location. The architectural designs, the decorative patterns inside, the pattern of the rooms, the spas, the menus, all radiate the local culture.

Cowdray believes in the concept of service. All employees, regardless of their position, give the best possible service to those in their sphere of influence. As a result of the cultural luxury and excellent service, The Dorchester Collection is a byword for both the travel and hotel industry. This translates into greater occupancy.

Cowdray doesn’t believe in progress before preparation. While some other hotels open as fast as they can put the doors on, Cowdray is patient. When The Dorchester Collection acquired the Hotel Bel-Air it didn’t meet their luxury codes, so they did two years of upgrades before they opened.

While customers like the amenities that are part of their stay, most of the positive comments are about the staff. While staying at the hotel, customers like to think the staff cares about them and their needs. Cowdray says we remind our staffs of that fact on a regular basis.

When customers stay in a hotel that’s part of The Dorchester Collection they expect the best, and there’s no compromising those expectations. That’s probably part of the reason why, at the European Hospitality awards in 2013, Cowdray received the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award.