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End Citizens United Fosters Peaceful Elections In America

Background look

The decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010 transformed how elections are conducted in America. It went ahead to create legal basis where companies are people, and are opened to wealthy individuals to spend as they please. This move affected how elections are run tremendously. Accountability cannot be guaranteed. Moreover, transparency cannot be assured. Previous rules enabled officials to guard elections and ensure everything run according to plans. However, the new decision made by the Supreme Court affected everything and it will take time to bring everything to order. Current laws allow billionaires to have all the powers at the expense of everyone involved. This is why End Citizens United was formed. Created in March 2015, ECU is a political committee that focuses on restoring order to the election system. It was created by grassroots donors.


The group is committed to eliminating Citizens United, and transforming the campaign finance system. It aims to show political candidates, the press, and voters that the grassroots are hitting back with force against the rising callousness of billionaires who are trying to influence election results. Previously, American elections were conducted in a free, and fair manner and people believed the results. However, the increasing number of billionaires trying to buy elections is threatening the system. People need to speak up against such practices if meaningful changes are to be realized. End Citizens United is trying to build a wider coalition working towards finance reform campaigns and urging lawmakers to take action to safeguard elections. Although the process seems long, changes can be realized. The group wants to sensitize all stakeholders to enable to carry out their duties.

The Mission

The mission of ECU is to end big money in politics and rectify the election system. This is possible if leaders and political candidates play their role effectively. The group will work together with other corporations to overthrow Citizens United and stop the big money in politics. These reforms are needed to guarantee Americans credible elections. For a long time, many Americans have trusted the system and refused to acknowledge that something is amiss. However, after a careful look, most have agreed that the system needs urgent changes to root out foul play. The group will work towards its mission by only electing candidates who support reforms in the electoral system. Having people with similar goals at the top is suitable for bringing change.

The group will also raise the matter of money in politics as an issue of concern. It wants to sensitize the public on the matter, and encourage people to talk about it. It will also use grassroots membership to show political strength on the subject. The issue will attract public attention when there are more members.